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Little Boy Cowboy Boots: Cowboy Boots for Kids

Little Boys Cowboy Boots: My Son and His Boots

When my son was very small, he begged for little boy's cowboy boots every time we went to the store.

His dad had a pair that my son liked to put on and stumble through the house in.

He was so cute trying to walk in boots that came up to his hips.

We purchased him a pair cowboy boots for kids for his birthday. Tan with gold colored thread outlining the western boot pattern on the shaft, the boots were much easier for him to walk in than his dad's.

My son was so cute trying
to walk in his dad's boots!
Next time we went to his grandmother's house, he insisted on wearing them (of course!) to show all his cousins. The grandparents lived in the country on a property that had at one time been a working farm.

True to the old fashioned belief that nothing should be wasted, gray water from the washing machine and the kitchen sink was routed out to a ditch next to the garden (this is no longer legal in most counties, but was legal at the time). Water from washing clothes and dishes kept the garden irrigated. The vegetables and fruit were good, but the water from the drains had a distinct odor.

Kids of all age
love cowboy boots.
Even babies!

While we were there, my son decided to go walking. He was young enough that he was not allowed outside of the fence, but the yard was large, and the fence also enclosed the garden.

When he found the irrigation ditch, he remembered his other grandfather telling him that if you got cowboy bootswet and wore them till they dried, they would fit your feet better.

Baby Wearing Cowboy Boots



Swimming in Cowboy Boots

I suppose you can guess at what happened next. When we couldn't find him, we asked his cousins if they knew where he was. "He's swimming," one of the kids said.

He had tried to walk into the water to get his boots wet, but slipped and fell. Since he was already there, already wet, and already in trouble for getting his clothes muddy, he decided to 'swim.'

The ditch was only a few inches deep, but he managed to get mud all over, front and back, top to bottom before we got to him to pull him out.

His grandmother's washing machine got another work out. Using lots of baking soda in the washer, we finally got the awful smell out of his clothes.

Using baking soda, we also got it out of his hair. But the smell never did come out of those boots. It was strong enough that we had to throw them away! Needless to say, he was not happy with mom and dad, since we didn't have the money to buy him another pair for a while.

Photo: Little Boy on Horse by  Sam Hood, circa 1935

Bring a smile to your child's face:
Give him or her cowboy boots!

Don't Forget Cowgirl Boots for Girls

Girls enjoy wearing cowboy boots (or cowgirl boots,) too. They are especially fun when worn with western skirts and shirts.

I love going to the rodeo and seeing all the kiddos in their western boots and clothes. It reminds me of my own childhood, when almost everyone I knew had western attire.

Roper Kids Western Lights Cowboy Boots


Do your kids love cowboy boots as much as mine did and still do?

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