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Gift Ideas for Writers

Gift Ideas for Writers

Updated for Christmas 2018!

Finding the perfect gift for the writer on your list may not be as hard as you think. Most of the writers I know have a love for pens, pencils, and notebooks, especially those that are different than the norm.

Recent finds were discbound writing systems such as those developed by Tul, the Happy Planner, Arc, and Circa. My personal favorite is the Tul, but my daughter and granddaughters much prefer the Happy Planner Systems, since they come with stickers and such. I enjoy the sticky notes that came with my Tul, but haven't seen a need for the sparkly stickers the girls like. The systems come in full size (letter size paper), junior size (5.5in X 8.5in), or classic size (7.75in X 9.75in).

I think the thing I like most about disc bound notebooks is the ease of removing paper and adding new paper. If I want to, I can purchase sets to incorporate in the expandable notebook, such as calendars, menu planners, financial planners, etc. Plastic standard dividers and pocket dividerspage flags, and a plethora of accessories are all available for extra purchase if I choose to use them. 

These make great gifts for writers, editors, and office workers.

Tul Disc Notebook Systems

The Tul Disc Notebook Systems come with either a poly cover (like mine) or a leather cover.  Since we use them to keep up with business schedules and more, my husband and I both opted for full-size Tul Note-Taking System.

I was thrilled to learn that I can create pages for my disc notebook using my printer,  32 lb. paper, and a hole punch designed for disc systems. I use the Staples Arc Desktop Paper Punch to create my pages. It can be used to create pages for any size notebook. Just be sure to line to page up when punching the holes.

Several years ago, I created a blogging planner in PDF that I gave away. It was dated for 2015, but also had undated pages. Using this punch, I can print the appropriate pages from that planner and incorporate the pages into my Tul notebook.

The Arc Desktop Paper Punch works with Tul, Happy Planner, Arc, and Circa disc planners, so I fully expect my daughter and granddaughters to get lots of use out of this punch, too.

Not only can I remove and add pages, using discs that come in a variety of sizes and colors, I can increase the size of my planner as needed. Or even build a new one with new discs and covers. An additional idea is to have an extra set of discs to keep track of old pages that I still need to refer back to, such as previous months in my planner. By removing them to a separate set of discs, I have them for ready reference, and also save on the weight and size of the planner/notebook I use.

Happy Planners

The Happy Planners I have seen come with a heavy laminated and colorful cover.

The one shown on the left is the one my daughter has, and she loves it.

My daughter uses her planner to keep track of all she has to do. Caring for two teens and a husband who is recovering from a stroke, she needs detailed notes to get everyone where they need to be on the right date at the right time.

My oldest granddaughter uses her Happy Planner to keep up with her college schedule. Her sister is waiting impatiently for her birthday Happy Planner gift, and hasn't shared what she plans to keep in hers.

Have you seen these fantastic disc notebook planners? Would you want one for yourself?

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