Friday, July 31, 2015

USB Bracelets for School and Home

USB Bracelets for School

Time for back to school shopping. So why buy a USB bracelet for school be on your list? Having a USB bracelet makes it easy to carry files for homework, favorite music, recipes, or videos with you easily.

Almost everyone, children as well as adults, has access to a computer these days. Having a USB bracelet, also known as a USB thumb drive, makes it easy to carry files for homework, favorite music, recipes, or videos with you easily.

Most local schools are now requiring many K-12 students to purchase a USB storage device for classes as part of their school supplies. This makes sense, since the students are learning more and more on computers today. They need a USB drive, such as the USB slap braceletflash drive shown above to save their school work, including documents, computer art, and homework.

One problem with this, though, is that the normal USB drive is small and easily misplaced, and the tops are often lost during the first few uses, even by adults. One answer to this issue is to purchase a USB bracelet for your child to use at school.

USB bracelets come in a variety of styles and colors. Using a Sharpie, you can write your students name on the inside of the band, or better yet, get several Sharpies in assorted colors and allow your child to 'decorate' the bracelet band with name and artwork. You can coordinate the band color with backpacks or jackets, or choose a complimentary color.

One thing is certain, though. Teachers have seldom accepted, "My dog ate my homework," as an excuse for late or missing work. They will be unlikely to accept, "My USB drive crashed," either. For this reason, you need to teach your child to make a backup copy of everything on the USB drive. That way, if the drive is lost, stolen, or damaged, important homework documents can be recovered from the backup.

Did You Know?
Most public schools
are requiring students
to purchase a USB
drive for classes.

USB Bracelets for Adults

Adults can use them in a variety of ways, including adding personal contact information to them in case of accident.

Important health information, such as diabetes info or heart disease info can call be stored in a bracelet you can wear while jogging or driving.

If you use it for this, and do not use an emergency medical USBbracelet specifically designed for medical information, be sure to write on it to let emergency workers know there is health information stored on the drive.

They can also be used to keep copies of important family documents, videos of children or grandchildren, or pictures of important events.

 Cool USB Drive Bracelets: A Great Gift Idea!

Who wouldn't love to have USB flash drive bracelet, also known as a USB thumbdrive? Coming in a variety of colors and styles for both boys and girls, bracelets that are also USBs are great gifts for the 'grownup boys and girls' on for any occasion!

If you wish, you could save a year's worth of family photos on each before gifting it, making it an even more special gift. Or how about typing up all your favorite recipes and saving the file on the drives before giving the USB drive? Or purchase, download, and save a customized selection of music for each recipient on the USBs. And they make great friendship bracelets.

What ideas do you have for files you could save to one of these bracelets for your giftees? These handy cool USB drives will be much appreciated gifts, since everyone can download a copy of all those special family digital photos everyone takes on special occasions. What a wonderful way to share!

Do you carry a USB drive with you?

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