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Ice Sculpture Molds for Parties and Weddings

heart ice sculpture mold
Carlisle Ice Sculpture Mold, Single Use

Ice Sculpture Mold: Ice Art for Your Wedding or Party!

Ice art sculptures are beautiful, but for most of us, the closest we can come to creating these works of art is to use ice sculpture molds.

With these molds, anyone can create beautiful ice swans, angels, dolphins, and so many more.

Because ice sculpture molds come in such a large variety of shapes, the possible uses are almost endless.

For instance, the reusable bells mold could be used for a Christmas party, New Years Party, a wedding reception, a bridal shower, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or an anniversary party.

bells reusable ice  mold
Reusable Bells Ice Sculpture Mold
Perfect for Christmas, 
New Years, or Weddings!
If it is likely that the ice mold will be used again, it is important to purchase one that is reusable.

For that matter, depending on what you need the ice for, you can use a variety of other items as your mold, including Bundt cake pans, candy molds, or even tin cans.

The artists who create ice art sculptures are phenominal to watch while they work (see the videos below), but the skill and precision required to design and create the ice into such elaborate and beautiful shapes is beyond the average person.

With the variety of ice molds available, there is no reason anyone can't have a spectacular centerpiece for any occasion.

Bundt Cake Pans
and Jell-O molds
make great ice rings
for punch!

Granny B with her kids

Ice Sculpture Molds? - Another Idea

My mom is famous for her punch bowl. The ice ring kept the punch cold throughout an entire event. Her secret? Instead of water, she used punch to make the ice ring.

Several days before the party or event, she would make up a batch of punch, pour the punch into two or three heavy Bundt cake pans and freeze them.

Occasionally, she would add fruit to the mold to make the ring match the decor, but it was beautiful without the fruit. I don't recall her doing it, but there is no reason you couldn't freeze edible flowers in the mold, too.

The ring fit nicely inside of the punch bowl. The center opening was just the right size to dip the dipper into to serve the punch. And, because the ice ring was made of punch, the punch is not diluted as the ice melts.
Photo: My Grandparents, Mom, and Uncles (Used with permission.)

Nordic Ware Gingerbread House Bundt Pan

Come in Many Shapes
These work well 
as ice molds, too!

Party To Do List

Having a party is a lot of work. To prevent forgetting something that needs to be done, follow a list!

  • Make Party List
  • Create Invitations
  • Send Invitations
  • Fill Ice Mold and Set Into Freezer
  • Make Punch
  • Fill Bundt Pan to Make Ice Ring
  • Set Bundt Pan in Freezer
  • Arrange Punch Bowl and Ice Sculpture on Table with Snacks
  • Enjoy Party

Ice Sculpture Molds Make it Possible 
for Everyone to Create 
Beautiful Ice Art Sculptures

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Ice Tray Molds Add a Little Fun to Showers, Weddings, or Hot Afternoons


Fun novelty ice cube trays come in all shapes and sizes! Kids would love ice cubes shaped as their favorite characters or things. Because ice cube molds or trays come in so many different styles it is hard to choose among them.

There are the usual expected shapes such as hearts and stars, but there are also shapes such as diamonds (like those shown here), alphabet letters, LEGO mini-figures, jewels, Batman, Superman, musical notes, dinosaurs, and so many more. These molds are perfect for party drinks, but they are fun for a hot afternoon, too!

There are even ice tray molds to make Diamond Ring Ice Cubes for showers and weddings!

Ice Sculpting Videos

Ice Carving Demonstration at TCC Culinary Arts  

How to Carve an Ice Eagle from Ice

Ice Sculpture Molds for Your Party

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