Tuesday, September 29, 2015

OneDrive for Bloggers: Free Business Software from Microsoft

Word Online
Available at OneDrive.com

OneDrive for Bloggers

Beginning a blog, for most people (I think), is a balancing act of having the right technical resources and financing. Too often, bloggers, even those who have been blogging for a while, just don’t have the funds to purchase all the computer applications that would be so helpful to their efforts.

Microsoft has made the basic OneDrive offering free (this is not an affiliate link). In OneDrive, you get free cloud space to store your articles and photos so that you don’t lose them if your computer crashes. You get the ability to work on your articles from any computer, anywhere, as long as it has access to the Internet (and you can remember your password).

But even more important, you get free access to some simplified versions of Microsoft’s best Office 2016 applications, including Word Online, PowerPoint Online, Excel Online, OneNote Online, and Outlook Online.  In addition, you get access to a powerful Calendar that is available from anywhere you can access  the Web, a contact list (People) and Sway (a storytelling app that creates interactive reports and presentations).

One great feature of using the online versions of Office applications, is that they save automatically. You still have the option to Save As, if you want to resave the file with a different file type, file name, or location, but the original document is saved to your cloud as you work. No more loosing content because you forgot to save before lightening hit the power plant.

The best part? It is all free for you to use.

Do You Need Articles on Using OneDrive for Your Blog?

As a former teacher of Microsoft application courses, I am considering writing a series of articles on using OneDrive for your blog if there is enough interest. Please comment below and let me know. Are you:
  1. Interested in learning more about using online Office applications in your blogging efforts?
  2. Interested in having your questions answered?
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  1. I am interested in learning more about online Office applications. Thanks for the information. I use office 365 and I love it. I also like to use it to create templates for book writing.

    1. Creating templates for book writing is a great way to use the online Office Applications. I will post more information soon.
      Thanks for commenting!