Sunday, May 3, 2015

Blogging Planner

So I've been rethinking my blogging habits and the lack thereof, and have decided to do better. Along with others who will post guest articles on my blog, I will be updating my blog at least weekly, and sometimes daily. To do this, I need a blogging planner.

I did some research online, and I located several free blogging planners to download. Most, however, either had too much or not enough of the features I wanted and needed, or lots of artsy stuff that was just frills and not necessary. Some people like the artsy stuff, but for me it can be distracting.

With my handy dandy Excel skills, I created my own, incorporating the best of what I found and adding what I thought was needed. Since I don't blog everyday, I wanted a blog planner that was not dated. That way, I don't have tons of empty pages in my planner. As I need a planning page, I date it and go from there. I can keep the extras in the back of my binder for another year.

My blog planner has a full year calendar, 12 full-page monthly calendars, yearly and monthly goal sheets, and 365 planning pages for me to date as needed. The planning page areas to input the date and the blog article title, a daily schedule section, a to-do list section, and a section to keep up with items I need to purchase, mileage, and daily notes. There are meeting notes pages, possible topic pages for each month, article posting records pages, notes pages, contact pages to help me keep up with others I follow, work for, or hire, and affiliate pages to keep track of affiliate programs I have applied to, been accepted by, and been denied by. There is also a cover page and copyright information page. Included at the end of the planner are printable spines for 1" and 3" binders.

Over all, I like my planner. I can print it all, print it by the month, or print only the pages I really want to use at the time.

Free Blog Planner for You!

If you are looking for a good blogging planner, until May 31, 2015, you are welcome to download and use my planner. After May 31, 2015, it will be for sale in my Etsy store. When it is no longer free, there will be a link here to the store to purchase it.

Click Here for Your Free Blogging Planner
EDIT: I have decided to leave this as a free planner. Enjoy!

The file is over 10MB, so it may take a while to open on your system.

To save the file to your computer:
  • In Internet Explorer, move your pointer to the bottom of the page, then click the Save icon in the menu that appears. Save the file to your computer, and print pages as desired.
  • In FireFox, at the top of the page, click the Download icon. Save the file to your computer, open the file, and then print pages as desired.


  1. Thank you for the blogging planner. I love it and will be using it daily.

  2. You are welcome, Donna. Please note that you can print only the pages you want, if you do not want the entire planner.