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Kitchen Knife Safety Tips

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Kitchen Safety Prevents Injuries

Regardless which brand of knives you use in your kitchen, there are a few simple kitchen knife safety rules you should keep in mind when using them.
A dull knife is a hazard. Always keep your knives sharp.
If you can, purchase a knife set that comes with a sharpening steel and learn to use it. Using a dull knife, you have to use too much pressure to cut veggies or meat, which gives you less control over the knife, making it easier to slip and injure yourself.
The knife should have a solid, heavy feel to it, with a tang that goes through the entire handle. The tang should be riveted in at least two places to keep the blade steady
Choose the right
knife for the task!

How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives

Always use your dominate
hand when using a knife!

Important Kitchen Knife Safety Rules

Kitchen Safety Rules

The following rules will help keep you safe when using kitchen knives:
  1. Always use your dominate hand when using a knife. You will have more control.
  2. Make sure your hands are dry. Wet hands make it easier for the knife to slip.
  3. Always cut away from yourself. I learned this rule very young. While slicing toward my hand, I cut my index finger to the bone when the knife slipped. If you cut away from yourself and slip, you may damage a countertop, but you won't require stitches.
  4. Store your knives on a magnetic strip or in a knife block. When you throw knives into a drawer, they don't stay sharp as long, because they damage each other.
  5. Never (NEVER!) put knives in a sink full of dishwater. You can't see them and can easily cut your hands when you reach into the sink. Set knives on the side of the sink and pick them up when you are ready to wash them. If you only cut clean veggies and fruits with them, you don't even need to wash them. Just rinse and dry.
  6. Follow manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and sharpening knives to keep your knives sharp.

Following these guidelines will keep your knives sharp and ready for use for a long time.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Knife


Things to Never, Never Do With Knives!

  • Never put knives in a drawer. They get dull and are a hazard to anyone who reaches into the drawer! This is especially true if you have a toddler who can reach into the drawer.
  • Never put knives in a sink full of dishwater! You may be severely injured when you brush against the knife or stab yourself with a knife you can't see below the surface.


Kitchen Safety is Important! Do you have any additional kitchen knife safety tips? 
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