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Case Pocket Knife: The Working Man's Choice

Photo (c) Linda Pogue

Case Pocket Knives

A Guest Post by Charles Pogue

Hey, men, you no doubt carry a lot of things in that front pocket of your jeans that are important to you every day, like a Case pocket knife. If you dig down, you will probably find a collection of keys; some of them you lost the lock for years ago.

There is a pocket full of coins, including that same old nickel you have carried around for months, waiting for an opportunity to check the Internet to see if it's that one with only four others like it known to exist. Not many carry around an old U.S. made Elgin pocket watch any more. The old ticker was one of the working man's status symbols, but they have now gone the way of many fine American products.

One that hasn't, though, and has probably worked its way to the very bottom of that pocket, is a standard example of fine American craftsmanship, that quality Case pocket knife.

Stockman Pocket Knife
with Medium Navy
Blue Bone Handle
He sat in his old front porch rocker, did my grandpa. If we grandchildren behaved and asked politely, he would pull out the knife he had carried in the pocket of his bib overalls for so many years. The once thick blades were worn thin and narrow from use and sharpening. From the huge and aged live oak tree that grew in the front yard, Grandpa would cut a five or six-inch piece from a branch, and shortly the chips were flying through the air and piling in a heap at his feet.

When the elderly gentleman was finished, a hole had magically appeared through the length of the branch, combined with a series of small holes at intervals along its length. Call it a whistle, a crude flute, or recorder, before long we grandchildren were filling the air with our imitation of songbirds and symphonies. What I remember even more than the whistles, though, is the old Case pocket knife with which Grandpa was so skilled.

Case Pocket Worn
Muskrat Pocket Knife
with Harvest Orange Bone
As I write about these memories, in my pants pocket is my beautiful Case Harvest Orange Muskrat. This pocket knife is made with Tru-Sharp stainless steel, and the nickel-silver bolsters that display the fine craftsmanship of the Case brand. After the initial sharpening, only rarely do I have to touch up the blades with a fine grade sharpening stone. It stays sharp!

Case celebrated its ten-year anniversary of their Pocket Worn line, with the deep Harvest Orange patina, reflecting the turning of the leaves as summer gives way to fall. 

Case: Quality Knives for Over 100 Years

W.R. Case & Sons has been making quality knives for over a hundred years.

The commitment to quality is displayed at every turn, including the fact that 125 separate pair of hands go into the making of a single knife. Now that's assurance of excellence.

You do not have to choose the modest price Harvest Orange Pocket Worn Muskrat like mine.

Case makes more models than, as Grandpa would have said, “You can shake a stick at.” There's the Case Stockman Pocket Knife, the Trapper,and the Copperlock,most of which come in more than one color bone or synthetic handle.

BSA Jr. Scout Knife

Case even has a BSA Scoutmodel knife. Altogether there are over seventy different models, all of which will give years of dependable service, not to mention providing you with the real status symbol of the working man, a quality Case pocket knife.

Do you carry a Case knife?

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