Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wood Swingsets Help Children Stay Active

Skyfort All Cedar Play Set

Wooden swing sets are fun and healthy exercise for kids.

For several years, my grandchildren had a wood swing set that they loved to play on.
They spent hours climbing, swinging, sliding, and playing fort. It was great fun for them and for me.
I enjoyed just watching them play, knowing that they were getting important exercise and helping themselves stay healthy. Of course, they didn't know that. They just knew that they were having a blast.
When I was a child, my swingset was heavy gauge metal. It lasted long enough that my own kids played on it, but they always wanted one of the wooden swingsets that had a fort built on top.
Wooden Swing Sets
What a fun way to get some exercise!
I wish now that I had found a way to get it for them, even though money was awfully tight most of the time.
When deciding on a kids backyard swingset, try to find one made of either cedar or of southern pine. Most are treated for decay and insect resistance, but it is definitely something to watch out for. It would be terrible to spend so much on a backyard play set that should last for years and have it rot in the yard.
One of the best reasons to go with a wood swingset, though, is safety.
My niece was badly burned on a metal swing set several years ago. Metal collects summer heat, and intensifies it to the point that it can blister skin. Most backyard wooden swing sets come with heavy plastic slides. Though they can still get hot, they are not as likely to burn a child. For best results, install the swing set where a tree will shade the slide.

The SkyFort playset features a raised clubhouse play fort with a wooden roof gabled entry way. It even has a balcony! Included in the set are a crows nest, monkey bars, swing set, solid rock wall, standard ladder, and 10 wave slide. The upper deck has a 70 x 62 upper play area, while the lower deck has a picnic table. There is also a 40 x 60 sand box area. This set has 150 pound weight capacity per child limit, and a 120 pound per child limit on the glider. The cedar set is insect and decay resistant.
If you want to know how much work is involved in putting one of these sets up, be sure you watch the time-lapse video of putting up the SkyFort below.

"Wooden" You Want to Play on this SkyFort Playset?


Some people would rather have treehouse building fun than purchase a wooden swing set.

For great ideas and how-to instruction for treehouse building projects, check out Treehouses & Playhouses You Can Build.

It has fun ideas for creating play areas that kids and adults will love, including a "Hobbit's Treehouse," a "Pirate's Playhouse," or a "Crow's Nest" to build in their own backyards.

Would you rather purchase a kit or build a treehouse from plans?

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