Saturday, August 22, 2015

How to Make Your Own Designer Painted Jeans

Design Your Own Painted Jeans

by Susan Elliott

Kids are impressionable. They see, they absorb and desire to recreate. Let me explain. I have unintentionally started a fashion trend in my area. I am not the neatest or cleanest painter; I glob, I drop; I wear it everywhere.

Sometimes I have streaks of green across my forehead or black smudges on my nose. I often go to town with extra paint on my clothes, especially if I am in the middle of work. My pants and jeans are the most noticeably painted, because I often use them to clean my brushes during the painting process.

The other day I went to pick my kids up from co-ed volleyball practice. I was wearing my painted jeans. My kids have grown so accustomed to seeing me this way that they don't even wince anymore.

The following day, my daughter's teammate cornered her. She had seen my jeans, and loved them. In fact, she had gone home and painted her jeans.

Kids Painting Clothes

Soon afterwards, I was informed that several of the other high schoolers were also painting their jeans. Perhaps I should send apology notes to all of the parents who bought their kids school clothes only to have them painted. But, I am actually really excited to see how many kids have such an imagination and artistic eye.

Materials Needed:

  • Blue jeans
  • Acrylic paint, various colors
  • Styrofoam plate
  • Color wheel
  • Paint brushes, various sizes
  • Stencils
  • Tape


Lay your blue jeans onto a flat surface. Make sure that any object that should not be painted is moved out of the area. This is especially important when working with kids. An outside work space may be the most feasible one. No matter how careful someone is paint is likely to end up on something that it shouldn't.

Place your desired paint colors onto a Styrofoam plate palette. Place the colors far from each other. This will leave room for paint mixing to create the ultimate personalized shades .

Hint: Add just a tiny bit of a color's opposite on the color wheel to create a brilliant, eye-popping shade of color. For example, a tiny dab of red added to green makes a brilliant dark green. Be aware that if you add to much red you will create brown.

If using a stencil, tape the stencil onto the pants. This will prevent the stencil from sliding during the painting process. Add paint to the stenciled areas in thin layers, this will prevent paint from slipping under the stencil edges.

You can also paint free-style by dropping small amounts of paint onto your jeans, or painting lines across them. Add geometric shapes or interesting patterns.

What other ways have you embellished your jeans?


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