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Hoover Commercial Portapower: Lightweight Vacuum with Heavyweight Cleaning Power

Best Lightweight Hoover Commercial Portapower Vacuum with Heavy Weight Cleaning Power

The lightweight Commercial Portapower Vacuum Cleaner is the best vacuum I have ever owned (and I have had many, since my husband decides to buy a new one whenever he thinks the one we have isn't working well).

Though the vacuum weighs very little and can easily be carried using the handle or the optional carry bag, it is not a lightweight when it comes to cleaning. While it is rated as a commercial vacuum cleaner, it works really well for the home, too.

The first Portapower I owned was wonderful. My kids, even though they were small at the time, could handle it, and even with my bad back, I was able to keep my floors clean.

At the time, we lived in the country. If you have lived in the country, you know that when it starts getting cold, field mice start coming in the house. It can be a real problem.

That year, I didn't see any mice, so I didn't think any had come in. But when I went to vacuum my living room, dust and dirt flew everywhere. The mice had crawled up the hose and had eaten holes in the cloth bag that comes with the vacuum cleaner.

Unfortunately, this happened before the Internet was available, and I couldn't find a replacement bag, so I had to regretfully give up my favorite vacuum.

Years later, two years ago to be exact, I needed a new vacuum and thought about the Portapower, wondering if the model was still available. It is seldom, if ever, in stores, so the only one I had ever seen was the one I had long ago.

However, now I have the Internet! With a little diligent searching, I found it. We decided to give it another try, since we both remembered how well it worked, and ordered one.

When searching for this vacuum,
I learned many have had
one for 10+ years
with no problems.


This is the most powerful vacuum I have ever had. I love that it is so light that I don't strain my back using it.

And the washable filter/bag is a good way to save money, since you don't have to use disposable bags!

The Portapower Vacuum Comes with a Cloth Bag

The Portapower vacuum still comes with a cloth bag, but it will also use disposable paper bags designed for it. The cloth bag is machine washable. It works so well, I haven't tried the paper disposable bags.

If you decide to use the disposable bags with this machine, please be aware that you will have to purchase an adapter kit (about $10 plus or minus a few) to make the bags work.

Disposable Bag Adapter Kit

Most customers who have purchased the kit say that it works well, but the disposable bags don't hold as much as the cloth bag does.

Downsides to the Vacuum

The first downside I have found is also one of its greatest plusses. The cord is sometimes too long, but there is a handy cord wrap to keep it the length you need.

Also, if you let the cord slide under a rocking recliner while someone is sitting in it, the cord can be caught in the chair springs. I was very fortunate that I realized the cord was caught before it was crimped beyond use. Yes, I know how to repair a cord, but I don't want to repair the cord on my vacuum. (I'm lazy like that.)

The second downside is the cloth bag, which is also one of the plusses of this machine. While I love that I don't have to purchase paper disposable bags all the time, it is not easy to empty the cloth bag.

I have found the best way for me is to turn it upside down into a plastic grocery bag, hold the plastic bag tightly closed around the mouth of the vacuum bag, and (with the plastic grocery bag between my fingers and the dirt in the bag, reach up into the bag and pull the clops of dust, hair, and dirt out.

To really get it clean, I have to take it outside, push the cloth inside out in the rubber ring, and brush it to get all the dust that clings to the inside walls off.

You should wear a face mask when doing this, since the dust will fly everywhere (hence the reason for doing this outside). Also, if the wind is blowing, be sure to stand upwind, or you will be covered in dust. I have not used the paper disposable bags.

I personally like using the cloth bags. It can be messy if not done right, but saves the expense of purchasing bags over and over, and then keeping up with where I put them.

If anything ever happens to your original cloth bag for your Portapower, you can order a new one!

This replacement cloth bag is also machine washable.

I recommend hand washing it, though, just to be sure you don't cause the fabric to pull away from the ring.

Hoover Portapower Vacuum - A Lightweight Commercial Vacuum that Really Cleans!

Great for RV, Boat, or Car!
This small, lightweight vacuum cleaner is perfect to use in your RV, boat, or vehicle!

Hoover PortaPower Vacuum from the 1980's

The first Hoover PortaPower I owned was a gift from my husband (and yes, it was very, very much appreciated!) back in the early 1980's.
The video below demonstrates the original PortaPower model I owned. It was a previous version of the one in the video above. The main differences were that the older model was white and had a much longer hose than the one I have now, and did not have the shoulder strap, which I love.
Actually, the longer hose is the only thing I can think of that made the older model better than the newer one.

Video of My Original Portapower Vacuum Model


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