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Making Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments for Decorating or for Gifts

Christmas tree with handmade ornaments
(c) Linda Pogue
Making Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Homemade Christmas tree ornaments are not only fun to make, they are enjoyable to give and receive as gifts!

Every year, usually at the end of summer, we make new ornaments. It's a great end of summer craft, and we have time to work on some elaborate ornaments as well as the simple ones shown here.

Some are given as gifts or used as decorations on packages, while others are placed on the tree with ornaments made in years past.

handmade christmas ornament
(c) Linda Pogue
Last year, I made some beaded wreath ornaments. First, I made some stringing them on ribbon. They looked ok, but did not hold their shape. Who wants tear-drop shaped wreaths? So, I dug through my craft supplies until I found some 20 gauge crafting wire. This worked much better.

To create the ornaments in the picture here and the pictures below, I first cut a length of wire about 10" long. The length depends entirely on how big you want the wreath to be, but be aware that using small beads, a large size wreath doesn't look balanced.

Christmas ornament wreath
(c) Linda Pogue
Next, I used a spring clip to secure the end of the wire so that the beads would not slide off the end. Then I strung beads in whatever pattern I wanted to use at the time. As you can see from the pictures, I made several and they were all different.

After stringing the beads, while I still had about 3 to 4 inches of wire left, I used round nose pliers to create the hanging loop, securing the end by wrapping it around the wire, through the loop, then around the wire again. I tucked the end of the wire into the first few beads.

handmade beaded Christmas wreath ornament
(c) Linda Pogue
Next, I removed the clip and moved the beads to the other end so that I have a short piece of wire to work with. This piece I passed through the loop at the other end, then wrapped and twisted the wire around itself.

When I decided it was wrapped well enough to not come apart if tugged by little hands, I used pliers to tuck the end of the wire into the first few beads opposite the beads I put the other end of the wire into.

handmade beaded christmas ornament
(c) Linda Pogue
Next, using a 10" piece of ribbon, I put one end through the wreath and the other through the hanging (wire) loop, then tied a firm knot.

After tying the knot, I pulled the two ribbon ends to the other side of the loop and tied a bow.

These are quick and easy to do.

Kids wouldn't have too much trouble with them, either, though you should have an adult handy to cut the wire and tuck the ends into the beads.

If you use ribbon to string the beads, it works better to use a yarn needle. Make sure the beads you use are large enough for the needle to go through. With large hole beads, you can tightly wrap the end of the ribbon with tape and forego the needle.

Easy Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make

Get the Kids Involved for Family Fun!

Tools to make beaded Christmas ornaments.
(c) Linda Pogue

Simple ornaments such as those in the pictures above are easily created by kids or adults.

The pictures show some of the wreath ornaments I created using the tools in the photo at left and plastic or glass beads, depending on the ornament.

Kids love creating fun crafts like these, and it is a great activity when the fall rains start in.

Have the supplies on hand, and help them make ornaments to adorn the tree or Christmas packages!

Links to Christmas Ornament Instructions

Here are some links to more sites with instructions for fun and easy Christmas ornaments for you to make with your kids!

Do you make Christmas ornaments in July and August, too?

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