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How to Make a Fairy Canopy For Your Bed

Make a Fairy Canopy

by Susan Elliott

Water, wood and garden fairies are creatures of myth and legend that inspire many people. Described as playful and beautiful, fairies can come alive through art and decoration.

The addition of a fairy-inspired canopy bed can bring delight to a little girl’s bedroom or add a sense of romance to a room.

While you can purchase a canopy similar to the one above, it is easy to make your own using the instructions below.

Materials Needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • Notepad
  • Pencil
  • Four adjustable decorative curtain rods
  • Ceiling hooks
  • 12 60 x 63 inch sheer curtains, any color
  • Decorative chain
  • Eight zip ties
  • Greenery
  • Floral tape
  • Silk flowers
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fairy ornaments
  • Tie backs
  • Small safety pins
  • Curtain tie backs
  • Step ladder (optional)



Select rods with natural-looking
or glass finials.
Choose sheer curtains
to match your room.
  1. Measure the length and width of your bed. Record the measurements and add four inches to the length measurement. Your canopy should extend four inches from the end of your bed.
  2. Select four decorative curtain rods with either natural-looking or glass finials. Either style will work well for a fairy canopy bed. Remember, in mythology, fairies are organic creatures but they like shiny objects and jewels.
  3. On the ceiling, place hooks above the right and left sides of the headboard. Place two more hooks onto the ceiling above the right and left sides of the foot board. Make sure that the headboard and foot board hooks are parallel. Place two additional ceiling hooks each on the right side and the left side of the bed. These hooks should be parallel to each other and about 6 inches away from the headboard and foot board hooks. You should have a total of eight ceiling hooks in the ceiling; two at the headboard, two at the foot board, two on the right side, and two on the left side.
  4. Place four sheer curtains onto two of the curtain rods. These two curtain rods will hang on the sides of the bed. Place a sheer curtain onto each of the two remaining curtain rods. These will be placed at the headboard and foot board area.
  5. Cut eight 12-inch lengths of chain. These chains will be used to attach the curtain rods to the ceiling hooks. Place one zip tie through the last length of chain on each of the eight chains. Wrap one zip tie and chain around each end of the curtain rods, nearest the finial. Gently pull the long end of the zip tie through the open end to secure it in place. Cut away the excess zip tie length.
  6. Using florist tape, attach greenery to the chain. Ivy leaves, ferns and similar silk plants will work well. Add enough greenery to completely conceal the metal chains.
  7. Remove the heads from the silk flowers. Hot glue the flowers to the greenery. Use as many or as few flowers as you want.
  8. Carefully attach lightweight fairy ornaments to the chains. Always be mindful of the direction the chain will hang. This will give the fairies the appearance of flying.
  9. Pin more greenery and silk flowers to the top portion of the curtains. If desired, allow the greenery to drape onto the curtains. Add a few more fairy ornaments to the top of the curtains, and to the draping greenery.
  10. Slip each end of the curtain rods into the hanger. It may be necessary for you to have help with this step. 
  11. Before attaching any curtain tie backs to your canopy, hot glue flowers and greenery onto the center section of the tie backs. Add one fairy to each tieback. Decorating the tie backs before attaching them will keep the hot glue from running, or getting onto your curtains, as well as prevent the decorative items from falling off.
  12. Once the curtain tiebacks are completely dry, gather two side curtains and one headboard curtain together. Place a tie back onto the curtains at the head board and foot board.

What other things could you use to decorate this room?

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