Thursday, August 20, 2015

Decorative Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Fobs

Ceiling Fan Pull Chains Enhance Room Décor

Ceiling fan pull chains are a nice touch when decorating any room.

As almost any decorator will tell you, the details are what makes a room really special.

Details such as decorative pull chain like the brushed nickel pull chain pictured here, can set the tone for an elegant living room, while other styles meet the needs for décor of a man's man-cave den, or a child's bedroom.

Pull chain fobs are practical, too, since they keep the chain from swinging while the fan is running, and make it easier to catch the chain to turn the fan to a different speed or turn the lights off or on.

As a decorative item, you can select from a wide range of styles and colors. For the western themed home or room, there are boots, hats, horses, cows and more.

For the little girl's room, there are princesses, flowers, dolls, or soccer balls!

For the boy's room, ships, planes, robots, dinosaurs, or baseball gloves make good choices. Whatever the room, there is a light pull that will work for you.

I love to drink hot tea, and can't get started without my morning coffee.

This tea or coffee cup ceiling fan pull chain is perfect for my kitchen.

How to Extend the Chain on a Ceiling Fan

At 5' 6", I am not a short woman, though I did not realize that until I was married. In a family where 5' 10" or more is normal for women and 6' is considered short for men, I was always the 'runt' of the family.

Being unable to reach things others in the family were able to get without even stretching has always been one of my pet peeves.

At my height, most ceiling fan pull chains that come with ceiling fans are too short for me to reach.

It is really inconvenient to call someone else or to get a chair or stool when I need to change the fan speed or turn the lights off or on.

This beaded chain is 3 feet long, more than long enough to make it reachable for me.

Just use a pair of wire cutters to cut the chain to the right length and use the connector to attach it to the end of the chain. No more problems!

When ceiling fan chains are out of my reach, though, it is more than a peeve--it is an annoyance I have decided to live without. I just use one of the beaded chains shown above and extend the length of the pull chain to a comfortable length for me.

Since I don't necessarily want to annoy the taller members of the family by having pull chains so long they get smacked in the face while walking across the room, I make them just long enough to easily reach.

Using a pair of wire cutters, I snip the chain the length I need then attach them to the short existing chains. Works like a charm.


More Fun Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Fobs

Do you have decorative ceiling fan pull chain fobs in your home?

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