Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Did You Have a Tricycle?

Tricycles: So Much Fun!

When I was small enough for a trike, Big Wheel trikes were not yet available. Instead, we had a red dual deck trike that I dearly loved.

The best part was that with the double deck, my sister could stand on the back while I pedaled. When I got tired, we would change places.

There were only two problems that we ever had with the tricycle. One, it turned over easily when taking corners if we were going very fast. Unfortunately, that was before kids had helmets and elbow and knee pads, so there were often scrapes and bumps for Mom to doctor.

The other problem was the wire spokes. We loved playing without shoes on, and occasionally, our little toes would get into the spokes and get cut. Mom told us to wear shoes, but like most kids, we would forget until we got our toes caught in the spokes. That hurt!

If you get your child one of these fun trikes, make sure that they are wearing helmets and shoes. You will both be happier with the results!

The trike above is very similar to the one I had as a child. This trike has a durable steel frame and an adjustable seat.

The trike is for 18 months and older riders. I can't begin to recall how many hours my sister and I rode a similar trike, trading places often so that we both got to stand on the back deck and ride while the other pedaled.

How to Ride a Tricycle

This is Sooo... Cute!

Tricycles are Just Plain Fun!

Do you remember riding a tricycle when you were a kid?

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