Saturday, August 8, 2015

Educational Shower Curtains for K-12 Students and Homeschool

Finding Learning Resources 

Finding learning helps and resources is not always easy. However, there is an unusual learning tool that many may not have thought of using in the homeschool classroom—educational shower curtains.

There are a variety of shower curtains available with information K-12 students need to learn, ranging from colors and shapes to metamorphosis. And they are reusable!

While these could be used in the bathroom as they are designed to be used, a rod on the classroom wall would be just as effective. And when different topics were studied, the curtain could be changed for a new topic.

Because 65% of all learners are visual learners, images, color, and charts help visual learners retain information! That makes these shower curtains excellent learning tools.

Educational Shower Curtains for the Classroom 

Would you consider hanging one of these on your homeschool classroom wall?

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