Friday, August 7, 2015

Around Mom's Kitchen Table Contributor: Susan Elliott

Well, I am pretty much an open book. You Google me; I'm there. Right there in black and white, blue and green. In fact I'm all over the place -- Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, Wordpress and Blogger. I even have my own Amazon Author's Page!

I am a writer, a mother, a wife, a painter, and much more. I am also Linda's favorite daughter (don't ask her, she'll tell you I'm her only one).

I recently worked for a content mill, so I have over 600 pieces of content on eHow, Garden Guides, Livestrong, and many, many other sites. I was an arts & crafts, and social contributor for six years, and before that I wrote for Yahoo!Voices as a beat writer in arts & crafts, television and movies.

During that time I've learned a lot about writing articles, and now books. I hope that you will find my posts insightful, and fun.

Don't be afraid to comment to me. I will reply!


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  1. Welcome to Around Mom's Kitchen Table blog. I look forward to reading your posts!