Saturday, August 8, 2015

Novelty USB Drives for School and Home

Novelty USB Drives

Not only is a USB flash drive a very popular computer peripheral today, it is also a requirement for most schools and colleges. The USB flash drive, also called a USB thumb drive, or a key drive comes in a large variety of storage capacities up to 512 GB. This capacity will only increase over time.

That much storage, though, is seldom needed unless you are creating movies, saving movies, or writing or using graphics intensive games.

One of the main problems with these drives is their size. While it is great to have that much storage available in such a small package, it is easy to lose them in purses and backpacks.

These days, there are USB jewelry choices that make it easier to keep up with the drives, since they are around an arm, around a neck, pinned to a shirt, or on a key chain.

For the more whimsically minded, there are unique shapes such as dog bones, bowling pins, golf balls, and even Darth Vader drives. Whatever your favorite entertainment, it is likely there is a drive for you.

Football fans can have a drive that sports their favorite team's logo, racing fans can have a drive that looks like their favorite driver's car, and cartoon/movie fans can have one that looks like Minions, Spiderman or Ironman!

Most Important Data Saving Tip
Backup, backup, backup!

Each of the Despicable Me Minions in this set are 8GB USB drives.

While nothing moves mechanically in a flash drive, they are not permanent data storage devices.

Eventually, USB drives will quit working. At that point, if you don't have backups of your data, you will have to either lose it, or pay an enormous fee to have a professional retrieve it for you.

Backup all your files regularly,
and use USB drives for
temporary storage only.
Do you have any cool novelty USB drives?

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