Sunday, November 1, 2015

What's For Supper? Nightshade Free Mexican Food

What's For Supper? Nightshade Free Mexican Meal

For some of us, this question isn't that hard. A quick review of the contents of the fridge or the kitchen pantry and we can come up with something good.

For people with nightshade allergies, the answer is not always as easily come by. My husband and I do not have a nightshade allergy, so we can eat pretty much whatever we can find.

However, my daughter does have a nightshade allergy. When she and her family come to visit, meal times have to be planned more carefully to make sure we don't accidentally poison her. Aside from the danger of serving her nightshades, trips to the emergency room really cut into the family time, so we are very careful not to make her sick by serving her something she shouldn't eat.

Nightshade Free Mexican Menu

Click the link for the recipes. The homemade tortilla chips and refried beans videos are below the menu list.

Homemade Tortilla Chips 

Refried Beans


Yum! Mexican food! 

Do you like cooking homemade Mexican food?

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