Monday, November 9, 2015

Does Using Full-Spectrum Lightbulbs Help You See Better?

Full-Spectrum Lighting


Recently, my family was watching a rerun of The Andy Griffith Show. In the episode, Aunt Bea was complaining with assorted aches and pains, but refused to go the the doctor. Her reason? He would tell her she wasn't a "spring chicken, anymore."

Many of us can relate to that. Among other problems that crop up as we get a little older, we have trouble seeing as well as we used to.

I have discovered that when I replaced the light bulbs in my house with daylight full-spectrum lightbulbs, I could see better. As an added benefit, my plants are doing much better, too.

Full-spectrum lightbulbs are excellent for craft or sewing rooms, as well. The light is a clear, clean daylight type of lumination, so that colors are true, and matching fabrics to thread is much easier. If you blog or take indoor photographs for other reasons, you might have noticed that regular light bulbs put a yellow cast on everything. This is due to the yellow light that the bulbs cast. You may not notice it when you are sitting in the room, but it will definitely be visible in your indoor photos. Full-spectrum bulbs do not emit the  yellow light spectrum as regular bulbs do, so your photos will be clearer and need much less touch up to look right for your blog or family album.

CFL Full-Spectrum Light Bulbs

ALZO 45W Full Spectrum
CFL Light Bulb

If you use the CFL full-spectrum bulbs, they generate less heat in the kitchen (or any other room in the house), lower electrical usage, and reduce greenhouse gases.This is ideal during the summer, though you might actually prefer the other bulbs, such as the Reveal bulbs below during the winter to help warm up your living area.

While priced a bit higher than regular light bulbs or CFL bulbs, full-spectrum CFL bulbs are guaranteed to last up to 10 years or more, depending on the manufacturer and the specific bulb, eventually saving money on the purchase of the bulbs.

CFL full-spectrum bulbs come in multiple wattage equivalencies, including: 45 Watt equivalent, 100 Watt equivalent, and 150 Watt equivalent bulbs. You can even get CFL full-spectrum bulbs in three-way bulb styles.

GE Reveal Lightbulbs

GE 60-Watt Reveal Bulbs

If you prefer not to use CFL bulbs due to the issues of how to discard them when they burn out, full-spectrum lightbulbs are available in regular bulb styles, too. My preference is the GE Reveal brand of Daylight spectrum bulbs.

These don't have the same discard issues the CFL type bulbs have, and they help me see so much better. These are the bulbs I use in my office to help me see better. 

Benefits of Using Full-Spectrum Bulbs

The main benefits I have found, though, are that I can more easily read the recipe I am using and see the small print on spice jars and cans. I don't have the eyestrain I used to have after a day in the office when using regular lightbulbs. An added benefit is that according to the medical establishment, full-spectrum lighting is healthy, too. It helps fight off the doldrums, especially in winter months when we don't get as much exposure to sunlight.

Changing to full-spectrum lightbulbs is a good idea for every room in the house. Want to see if it really makes a difference? Change out the bulbs in just one room.

You will be amazed!


  1. I use full spectrum bulbs in my house. Everything looks so much brighter and cleaner.

    1. Hi, thank you for commenting. I use full spectrum bulbs in my house, too. They are especially important in my office and my sewing area.