Friday, October 16, 2015

Spider-Man LEGO Sets: A Comic Book Collector's and LEGO Collector's Delight

LEGO Spider-Helicopter Rescue

Spider-Man LEGO Sets

Have you seen the Spider-Man Lego sets?

After the popular and wildly successful Spider-Man movies, Lego has come out with some really great building sets for the Spider-Man collector.

When Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 in August 1962, the only comics I knew about were the funny papers in my grandfather's Sunday paper.

A few short years later, though, I was a comic collector, with Spider-man, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman as my favorite heroes.

My allowance, in the middle to late 1960s was fifty cents. Every time allowance time came around, I couldn't wait to go to the local Wag-A-Bag convenience store to purchase as many comics as I could, which was usually three, since sales taxes ate up part of my allowance. At 12 cents a pop, my mom and dad thought I was wasting my money.

The hyphen in Spider-Man's name
was used to avoid confusion
with DC Comics' Superman.

I saved comic books all of my pre-teen and teen years, and even at one point had an original Superman #1 that had been my uncle's. My grandmother gave it to me. It was my pride. Unfortunately, while I was away at camp, my mom gave one of my distant cousins permission to take a few of my comics home with him. That was one he took. I later learned he fed it, piece by piece to his dog (he was only five).

After that, I still bought comic books occasionally, but I had lost interest in saving or keeping them. That's really a shame, since many of those I bought new are now vintage and worth a good bit of money.

Spider-Man was created for
Marvel Comics by writer-editor
Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko.
Spider-Man first appeared in
Amazing Fantasy #15
in August 1962.

My Son Collected Comic Books, Including Spider-Man, Too

LEGO Doc Ock Truck Heist

My son collected comic books, too, though he much preferred Batman to Spider-Man. Even so, he had a pretty good collection of Spider-Man comics. I know he had many of his comic books until long after he had children of his own, but I don't believe he still has his collection today.

He has never said, and I have never asked (since it really isn't any of my business), but I suspect formula and diapers became more important and he sold them.

When I came across the Spider-man LEGO Sets, based on the movies and the comics, I was pleased to see that the major characters from the comic books were included in some of the sets.

Today, my son's son absolutely loves the Spider-Man movies. I am sure that in a few short years he, too, will be collecting comic books of his favorite heroes. Until then, I think he would enjoy some of these Lego sets.

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