Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pink Kitchen Appliances and Accessories Produce a Calming Influence

pink cookware for a pink kitchen
Pink T-fal Cookware Set

Pink Kitchen Décor: Pink De-stresses Your Life

If you are stressed out by work or life, you should consider having a pink kitchen with pink kitchen appliances and accessories.

Pink is made by mixing red and white. The exact shade of pink depends of the shade of red and the amount of red in the mixture.

Pink tones help to diffuse aggression and violence, so if you have a rough work environment, pink might be the way to help you relax while you create delicious meals in your pink kitchen.

Pink has also been reported to increase feelings of self-worth, love, acceptance, tenderness and caring.

Perhaps that is why the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation chose to use pink in their iconic pink ribbon trademark.

Additionally, pink will help to calm you down, neutralize the disorder in your life and promote relaxation and contentment.

With the availability of pink appliances, pink linens, and pink kitchen accessories, designing a pink kitchen is fun and easy to do.

If painting the walls pink, too, though, it might be best to go with a soft, cotton candy or pink sand color.

The brighter and harsher the pink, the more frenetic it will make the kitchen feel.

A soft pink is best for relaxation.

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