Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Legos Wrist Watches and Clocks for Kids and Adults

Lego Kids Watch

Legos Wrist Watches and Clocks Come in a Variety of Styles

If your kids enjoy Legos, they will love Lego wristwatches and clocks. These durable, kid-tested and approved watches and clocks are fun to put together and help nurture that can-do attitude children need to excel.

The watches come in a large variety of colors and styles, as well as themes, including movie favorites such as Star Wars.

And they also have links that make it possible for a child to attach his or her favorite Lego character adjacent to the clock face.

From the moment the package is opened, to the moment your child finishes assembling the timepiece and wears it, fun will abound!

You're never too old for
LEGO watches! 

Educational Value of Lego Wrist Watch & Clock Kits


LEGO Boys' "Time Teacher" Watch Set
Lego watches and clocks come in analog styles, and the Lego alarm clocks come in both analog and digital styles, giving you the opportunity to teach your child to tell time.

Telling time is one of those skills everyone needs, and the earlier a child learns this vital skill, the sooner they can become more responsible for their own time management.

Assembling a timepiece makes learning how to use it fun and exciting! Not only are they exercising their minds when putting these together, they are increasing hand-eye coordination!

Lego Watches for Older 'Kids' (Ahem, Adults!)

Older 'kids' (and yes, I mean adults here, too!) love Lego watches, too. It doesn't matter if you have a hard to fit arm for watches, since all you have to do to make the watchband accommodate a larger arm is add a few links to the band!

The mid-size watches have a larger watch face than the kids watches have, and may have more stylized logos, but they also come in movie themes. If you want a fun to wear, conversation starting watch, consider buying and building your very own Lego watch!

Lego Kids Adult Star Wars Storm Trooper Watch



Lego Watches for Girls

LEGO Girls'
"Time Teacher"
Watch Set

There are many girls who would be happy with a regular Lego watch or a Star Wars Lego watch. There are still girls that would prefer the pretty and pink Lego watches designed especially for girls.

There are Lego Friends watches, Lego Belville watches, and other that happen to be pink.

These watches allow girls to have the same fun that their brothers, cousins, and friends have building watches they can really wear.

Build a Lego Clock Without a Kit

You don't need a kit to build a working Lego clock! There are plans and examples of homemade Lego clocks all over the Internet. Some colleges and engineering schools such as MIT are even using Legos to teach clockworks and other physics and engineering subjects in the classroom! Discover more in the videos below!

Lego Clock by Louvahulluus

You don't need a kit to build a working Lego clock!


Lego Clocks Built by Others! 


Check out these designs!

Lego Clock




 Lego Watches for Star Wars Fans

If you or someone you love is a fan of any of the Star Wars movies, a Lego Star Wars watch or clock is a great gift idea.These watches come in children's sizes, as well as mid-size or small adult size clock faces. The bands are adjustable for any size wrist, since it only requires adding a few more links to make it fit a larger arm.

There is an R2D2 watch, a Darth Vader watch, a Luke Skywalker watch, and many more. Whoever your favorite Star Wars character, you are likely to find the perfect watch.And they are wonderful accessories for attending Star Wars or science fiction conventions, too!

 Lego Watches for SuperHeroe Fans

Is your favorite superhero Wonder Woman, Batman, or Superman? Lego has you covered. As with other watches and watch kits, these are adjustable to fit anyone's wrist, and are a great way to show the world who your superhero is. Like more than one? Get several and change watches according to day or outfit.

Are you interested in building a Lego watch for yourself? Please comment and let me know what you think of Lego watches.

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