Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cobalt Blue Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

Painting: Ludvig Karsten [Public domain]

Blue in the Kitchen

Do you have blue appliances and accessories in your kitchen?

In my opinion, blue kitchen appliances and blue curtains in a white or taupe painted kitchen are an attractive combination.

Blue also works for the kitchen backsplash. However, blue is best used as a complementary color. Due to the tendency of blue to cause depression, having a blue kitchen with blue walls, blue counters, and blue cabinets should be avoided.

In centuries past, blue was the color of royalty, thus the particular shade of blue known as royal blue.

In some European countries, only those of royalty were allowed to wear the rich royal blue color. Later, those with great wealth were able to wear blue.

However, in the overall scheme of time, due to the expense of making the rich blue dyes, until fairly recently common people were not able to afford dark blue or royal blue clothing.

If blue is your favorite color, consider decorating your kitchen in blues. There are many appliances available in several shades of blue. My favorite color for blue appliances is cobalt blue. I love the rich, vibrant color.

Almost 50% of people claim
blue as their favorite color!


The Significance of the Color Blue

Photo: Maliz Ong
Almost 50% of people claim blue as their favorite color.

As the universal color of the sky and clear, clean water, blue has a cooling and calming effect.

However, too much blue can lead to symptoms of depression.

The color blue signifies confidence, importance, stability, intelligence, strength, truth, optimism, freedom, and new beginnings.

There are many common shades of blue. Cobalt, denim, ocean, blueberry, cornflower, royal, and sky are just some of the terms that designate specific shades of blue.


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