Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Around Mom's Kitchen Table Contributor: About Charles Pogue

Photo: Liberty Hill, TX by Renelibrary

About Charles Pogue

Born in Bertram, TX, Charles Pogue was raised in what was once the small town Liberty Hill in central Texas. Liberty Hill is not so small, anymore. This gives him a small town, country perspective in almost all his writing.

When writing for this blog, Charles enjoys writing about things that happened in his childhood or things he thinks about events occuring in these days and times. He enjoys writing fiction, and has three fiction books self-published on Amazon. As a retired Gospel minister, he has written thousands of Biblical articles for church bulletins and papers.

His primary writing activity, though, is writing country songs. While blog writing and novel writing are fairly new endeavors, Charles has been a songwriter of country songs since he was 14 years old. He enjoys taking a turn of phrase or an everyday event and creating songs from them.

Two of his songs have been recorded by his brother-in-law, Les Amidon, and can be heard on ReverbNation.com. These include:
Charles is in the process of recording many of his songs and putting them up on YouTube, in hopes of a music artist or publisher finding one of them and wanting to record it professinally. However, with a collection of over 1,300 songs he has written, and usually at least one added daily to the list, it will take quite a while to select the best of them and get them online.

Charles blogs at Charles' Country Songs. I know he would appreciate a visit to his blog. His YouTube channel is Charles' Country Songs. Visit and set a spell while listening to some of his original, traditional country songs.

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