Sunday, September 6, 2015

New Children's Book: God Made Flowers in Many Pretty Colors

God Made the Flowers in Many Pretty Colors

New Children's Book Authored by Linda Pogue

This kid's book teaches that God is, that God made the flowers, identification of colors, and thankfulness for the things God created.

The 28 words used in the book are suitable for K-2 beginning readers. A list of the words in the back of the book make it easy for parents or teachers to help students learn how to identify, read, and spell each word. It would make a good homeschool book for reading and spelling class.

The book was written with Bible class teachers in mind. Even nursery and pre-school Bible teachers need material to read to their classes. With vivid full-color photographs, the book will engage young students, helping them to identify colors and learn more about God's creation.

The Kindle version of God Made the Flowers in Many Pretty Colors is in landscape format, making it work well for the rectangular screen. To make the Kindle version more easily readable, each photograph has a textbox inset with the text for the page. The book is also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, so that members of Kindle Unlimited can download and read the book free.

The paperback version is 8.5 by 8.5 inches. The text is on the left page, with the photograph on the facing right page. Currently, the paperback is only available in the CreateSpace Store and

Would this book work with your Bible class curriculum?

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