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Lego Friends: Legos for Girls

LEGOS for girls

LEGO Disney Princess
Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle

LEGO Designs Sets for Girls

For instance, my daughter and I (during our respective childhoods) enjoyed building houses and buildings, but it was to create a home for dolls most of the time.

My brother, cousins, and son (during their respective childhoods) enjoyed building houses and buildings, too, but usually it was for the purpose of dropping something on them to break them, or driving over them in a toy monster truck.

The point is, while the reaons may be different, girls enjoy building toys just as much as boys to.

The new Lego sets, such as the LEGO Friends Heartlake High 41005, designed specifically for girls provide the best option available.

Girls get to build, but at the same time can play relationship games, such as playing house with a family and friends, at the same time.

LEGO Friends for Girls
LEGO Friends
Heartlake High 41005
In my opinion, it's about time these toys were designed and provided.

Well, actually, in my case, they are several decades too late, but they are just in time for my granddaughters!

There are several series of Legos designed specifically for girls:

Your daughter will love taking Olivia and Nicole and their Adventure Camper to the great outdoors for fun pretending to ride bikes or go surfing!

Lego Friends
Adventure Camper 3184

With supplies and a table and tiny toy grill, they can have a great barbecue, while watching their flat screen Lego TV. When they get tired, the Lego Friends can climb into the bunk for a little sleep. The top lifts up to make playing inside the camper more convenient.

This set includes Olivia and Nicole mini-doll figures, sports equipment, picnic necessities and supplies, and a tote bag. Camper cushions and seats lift up for storage, just like a real camper. The dolls fit in the front seats of the camper. The camper and trailer together measure approximately 3 inches tall, 2 inches wide, and 10 inches long.

My Daughter Would Have
Loved LEGO Friends!
Had there been the option of
having Lego toys designed
for girls, my daughter would
have loved to have them.

You can even Build an Entire Village with LEGOs for Girls


LEGO Friends Appeal to a Wide Range of Interests

There is a Lego Friends building set for almost any interest a girl might have. The following list is not comprehensive. For instance, many of the newer Disney Princess sets are not included. Some of these may be retired, and there are always new sets coming out. However, the list does show that LEGO is trying to create building sets that appeal to the wide range of interests girls may have.

  • Adventure Camper 3184
  • Andrea's Bedroom
  • Andrea's Mountain Hut 41031
  • Birthday Party 30107
  • Butterfly Beauty Shop 3187
  • City Park Cafe 3061
  • Dog Show 3942
  • Dolphin Cruiser Yacht 41015
  • Downtown Bakery
  • Emma Karate Class 41002
  • Emma's Horse Trailer 3188
  • Emma's Lifeguard Post 41028
  • Emma's Splash Pool 3931
  • Emma's Sports Car
  • First Aid Jungle Bike 41032
  • Heartlake City Pool 41008
  • Heartlake city Swimming Pool 41008
  • Heartlake High 41005
  • Heartlake Juice Bar 41035
  • Heartlake Pet Salon 41007
  • Heartlake Shopping Mall 41058
  • Heartlake Stables 3189
  • Heartlake Vet 3188
  • Heartlalke Flying club 3063
  • Hedgehog Hideaway
  • Jungle Bridge Rescue 41036
  • Jungle Falls Rescue 41033
  • Jungle Rescue Base 41038
  • Ariel's Undersea Palace
  • Jungle Tree Sanctuary 41059
  • Mia Magic Tricks 41001
  • Mia's Bedroom 3939
  • Mia's Lemonade Stand 41027
  • Mia's Puppy House 3934
  • Oliva Newborn Foal 41003
  • Olivia's Beach Buggy
  • Olivia's House 3315
  • Olivia's Ice Cream Bike 41030
  • Olivia's Inventor's Workshop 3933
  • Olivia's Play House 3315
  • Olivia's Speedboat
  • Olivia's Tree House 3065
  • Pounding Jungle River 41036
  • Rehearsal Stage 41004
  • Stephanie Soccer Practice 41011
  • Stephanie's Beach House 41037
  • Stephanie's Cool Convertible 3183
  • Stephanie's New Born Lamb 41029
  • Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery 3930
  • Summer Caravan 41034
  • Summer Picnic Bag 30108
  • Summer riding Camp 315
  • Sunshine Harvest 41026
  • Sunshine Ranch 41039
  • Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle
  • Cinderella's Romantic Castle
  • Rapunzel's Creativity Tower 41054
  • Jasmine's Exotic Palace

Again, this list is not comprehensive. It does, however, show that Lego is striving to create building sets that meet the interests of a lot of different girls.

Girls who want to be vets, hair dressers, bakers, equestrians, farmers, life guards, doctors or nurses, fashion designers, singers, actors, Karate trainers, pilots, and many other future dreams will find a Friends set they will enjoy building.

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