Monday, September 28, 2015

Do You Need Fans in Winter?

Decorative Antique Phone Figurine Fan
Antique Phone Fan

Fans in Winter? Yes!

We all know that fans help with air conditioning in the summer, but did you know that fans can help keep your house warmer in the winter?

By circulating the air, you will keep all the warm air from rising to the ceiling where it does your family no good.

Decorative fans redistribute the air while adding some flair to your décor. Fans in the kitchen can help distribute warm air from the oven to the rest of the house when you are baking.
Another way to redistribute heat is to place a fan in front of wall heaters, fireplaces, or heating vents to circulate the heated air through a room--just be sure to point the fan away from the heat source.

rooster fan
Rooster Country Figurine Fan
In winter, we often run a small fan in our hallway to pull heat into the back of the house. It helps keep the house comfortable, and we can lower the thermostat, which saves money!

Baking is one of my favorite things to do in the winter. It helps keep the house warmer, and everyone loves warm, fresh-baked bread or cookies when the air is nippy.

Using my small table top fan, I take advantage of the heat coming off the oven to help the central heat keep the house toasty warm! It really helps with the heating bills.

Did you know?

Fans help keep your house warmer in the winter
by circulating warm air throughout the house.

Decorate Your Home with Unique Fans

small metal frog table top fan
Frog Decorative Fan

The first time I ever saw a decorative tabletop fan, I was enthralled with the idea of unique fans that add to home décor.
I was visiting the home of an elderly friend. Her fan was the topic of many conversations over the years, and she always enjoyed talking about it.
It was in the shape of a frog. She loved frogs and had glass frogs, ceramic frogs, frog candle holders, stuffed animal frogs, and brass frogs, too. The fan was an integral part of her room décor.
Since that time, I have seen fans in the shapes of other animals in friends homes. The horse fan looks great in a mid-west themed den. There are even cowboy boot fans!
Figurine table top fans are practical as well as decorative, since using a fan at the same time as running the air conditioner helps move conditioned air around the house. They are also great for college dorm rooms!
There is a figure table top fan that would fit almost any décor, from the bird lover's living room, to the little girl's mermaid decorated bedroom.
I think my favorites are the horse, lion, owl, and peacock fans. Now I just need to figure out where I will put them all!

Decorative fans
are perfect for dorm rooms.
They help keep the air moving for
a more comfortable study environment.


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