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Kids Tables are Perfect for Homeschooling Young Children

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Kid's Tables are Perfect for Homeschooling

When my home schooled grandchildren were small, they used a small kid's table to do their school work. The smaller chairs fit them better and were more comfortable for them while they worked on spelling and math papers.

Some families that homeschool will just use the kitchen or dining table for their children's school work. Unfortunately, sitting in furniture that does not fit is tiring.

By having a smaller table with chairs that are more their size, the kids were able to concentrate on their work, instead of having to stretch to reach their work on the family dining table.
Child's Slanted Top
Desk and Chair

Another option would be to have a booster seat for each child, or a small desk for each child. However, a small school-style desk usually won't have as much surface room to work on as a child's table. Booster seats can be dangerous for wiggly children, since they can fall out of a chair unless they are strapped to it.

One idea to make the tables even more useful is to make a table runner that covers the top of the table and hangs off the sides with large pockets sewn on the end to hold supplies such as pencils, crayons, or books. If heavier items are placed in the pockets, you will need to have ties attached so that the runner can be tied to the chair legs to prevent if from sliding off the table.

Another idea is to have a small book shelfnext to the table with all the children's school supplies on it.

The tables are small and mobile, easy to move from one room to another, or even to take outside on the deck or patio for a change of school venue! You can even take them to Gramma's house so the kids can do schoolwork while visiting family.

For safety's sake, children's furniture
should not have sharp corners or edges!

How to Make a Kids Table:
Good Homeschool Building Project

Cleaning a Child's Table

When children play, there are bound to be times when they draw, color, or paint on top of their play tables. How you handle this is up to you. There are some products that might be useful for this. First, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders on almost all marks, including crayon marks.

If the child used a marker, if the ink did not sink into the wood grain, you can usually get this clean with vinegar and some strong elbow grease. Another product that seems to work wonders for chewing gum and grease paint markers is Avon's Skin So Soft. Probably any oil would work, but I know that the body oil works--I've used it!

The best idea, though, is to have a talk with the child and make sure he or she understands that the table will be more fun and last longer if it is cared for properly. This includes using brown paper or butcher's paper taped to the table to prevent coloring or drawing marks.

For basic cleaning, a rag with mild soapy water can do the job. Just be sure to rinse the surface with clear water and dry the table to prevent damage to the finish.

During cold and flu season, you might consider wiping the table top with a mixture of vinegar and water (1/4 cup vinegar to a quart of water).

Do you use a kid's table in your homeschool?

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