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Kids Furniture: Kids Play Tables and Chairs Sets

Tot Tutors Kids' Table
and 4-Chair Set

The Kids Play Table and Chairs at Family Gatherings

Almost everyone agrees that children need beds, chests of drawers, and shelves, but basic kids play tables and chairs sets are sometimes overlooked.

This is sad, since children can use a table and chair set for so many different activities. It can be a craft table, a coloring table, a tea party table, a Lego table, or a homework table.

In many families, at family get-togethers there is a kid's table. This allows the adults to discuss topics kids wouldn't be interested in, and gives the kids a chance to catch up with cousins and other relatives their own ages. Tables and chairs specifically designed small enough to fit kids just fit the bill at these gatherings.

Of course! No one wants to sit in a chair where your feet dangle and you have to lean back to reach the back of it. To some, children's furniture is an unnecessary expense. After all, they think, I didn't have kid sized furniture, and they don't need it, either!

They don't realize that kid's furniture serves many purposes. You need to keep several things in mind when purchasing furniture for your children. First, there is comfort. Second, the furniture should be sturdy, age appropriate, and versatile enough that it will be used for a while.

Other Furniture for Kids

Classic Child's Rocker
Little baby doll ‘moms’ need rocking chairs so they can rock their baby to sleep, and maybe a saucer chair to sit in while reading or playing an electronic game.

Your child will spend many hours in his or her room. By making it more attractive and fun, you can make it more enjoyable for them to spend time there.

For instance, bed tents provide a feeling of adventure, and for the child who is fearful, the closeness of the walls sometimes gives comfort. Toy boxes are a vital component in any child's room. It is impossible to keep toys put away, if there is no place to put them.

Sometimes, a specific theme is desired, such as a Pixar Toy Story theme or a Disney Princess theme. Many of these furniture and play items can be purchased in specific themes.

And if you have a child who does not like to go to bed at night, a set of bed sheets with their favorite character on them can be helpful. It makes going to bed fun when you can snuggle next to a pillow with Spiderman or Dora the Explorer on it.

A child's table is an activity center,
a place to have a tea party,
serve brunch to the fairy queen,
and much more!

Kid's Furniture Comes in a Wide Range of Styles, Materials, and Prices

When purchasing furniture for children, keep in mind your price range. Know beforehand what you are willing to spend.

It is too easy to get carried away once you are shopping and buy just one more really cute or fun item for your child.

You should also decide beforehand what kind of materials you want in your furniture.

Do you want molded a plastic table setthat would be as comfortable on the deck as in the child's bedroom, a folding table and chairs set that can easily be put away when it is not in use, or a more traditional wooden table and chairs.

Do you want something more understated, or do you want to go with a themed set from Disney?

If your child is going shopping with you, take the time before the trip to explain to him or her what choices are available and which choices are acceptable.

If $200 is out of the question, let them know up front how much you are willing to spend--and then enlist their help to find just the right set at just the right price.

Make a game out of it to prevent tantrums and tears in the store. Better yet, purchase online. Avoid the hassle of carting large boxes to your car. And if you order from Amazon, the shipping may be free!

Whether you decide on a more traditional wood table and chairs set, a more colorful molded plastic set, or other kid's furniture, the children in your life will love having furniture that fits them.

Do your children have furniture that fits them?

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