Monday, November 19, 2018

Gift Idea for Sewing Enthusiasts

Gift Idea for Someone who Loves to Sew

Sewing has always been one of my passions. It feels incredible to take a piece of flat fabric and through the use of scissors, pattern, thread, and a sewing machine or needle make something new.

Whether is it toys, clothes, or household items, it is a lot of fun to sew and share the items I make.

Over the years, however, I have given a lot of my sewn items away as gifts. Once they went into someone else's home, I didn't have a record of them. 

When I saw a spiral notebook my mother kept of her sewing projects, I was intrigued. She included notes, swatches of fabric, and photos of finished projects so that she could make them again and again.

I loved the idea. After thinking about it for a while, I created the Sewing Craft Journal pictured here. With pages to keep measurements for five individuals as well as double-page spreads for each project, this journal helps you keep track of the projects you've created. A table helps you keep track of the expense involved in the project, too. This is especially helpful when I'm sewing items to sell.

Information from Amazon about this paperback book:

Finally, a journal for sewing enthusiasts! Never again will you have to try to remember a pattern number for a garment you make, or have to remeasure (assuming there have been no changes), because you can't find the scrap of paper you recorded your measurements on. You can even keep up with the measurements of 4 additional people. This book helps you track how much a garment or sewing project costs, and if you are selling the item, it helps you determine the minimum and preferred prices. 
  • Measurement pages for 5 different individuals
  • 2 lined pages for general notes
  • 2-page spreads for 100 sewing projects
  • Chart to determine cost of each project
  • If item is for sale, places to jot down minimum sale price and preferred sale price
  • Table of Contents, with room to write your project name, to quickly find the project you need
  • A place to paste a photo of your project
  • A spot to jot project specific notes

Have a great holiday! And Merry Christmas!

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