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5 Too Cute Halloween Costumes for Babies

Dinky Dragon

My Favorite Too Cute Baby Costumes

There are so many choices available for dressing up infants for Halloween. My favorite too cute baby Halloween costumes are shown in this article.

If the Dragon costume pictured here had been available when my son was tiny, it would have been perfect for him. He was such an active baby that he stayed in trouble. If it could break, bend, or be otherwise destroyed, he could do it--even when he was just crawling. He never stayed in trouble for long, though. He was just too sweet and adorable!

What parent wouldn't enjoy seeing their cuddly little angel in cute party outfits like this? Baby costumes shouldn't be scary, since small children are easily frightened. Instead, dress them up in something adorable like one of the five below selected for their cuteness factor. A baby will be the talk of the party when he or she shows up dressed in one of these adorable outfits.

Be sure to buy
your baby's costume early
and make sure it fits!

Now that my daughter's family lives on the east coast, I don't get to see my grandchildren more than once or twice a year. Facebook and email make it possible for me to have a glimpse of them as they grow up and change. Posting photos to share with long distance relatives is a thoughtful gesture and very much appreciated by your family.

Halloween photos make wonderful memories, and if you want to embarrass you kids someday, they make great photos to share with your teen's friends, too! I regret not taking more photographs of my children when they were small, and have tried to make up for it by taking and collecting more photos of my grandchildren.

This is no longer possible since half my grandchildren moved east, but it is a joy to log into Facebook and see new pictures of them. Posting the photos to social sites such as Facebook is a great way to share them with long distance family and friends!

But Halloween is not the only time kids, even very small kids, enjoy dressing up! These also make great playtime clothes after the party is over.

My five favorite too cute baby costumes:

Tiny Tentacles Octopus

Tiny Tentacles Octopus

This adorable octopus costume is too cute to be scary.

The costume includes a jumpsuit, a hood head piece, and slip-on booties for indoor wear only.

Your child will be monster-licious in this outfit!

Peacock Costume

Peacock Costume

With all the resplendent colors of a peacock, this costume features a jumpsuit and a hood.

Add a sweet pair of tights for extra warmth and you have a winner!

Dinky Dragon

Dinky Dragon

I love this little dragon costume! With the wings and soft spiny and pointed little tail, it is just too adorable. The costume includes a fully-lined, back zipped jumpsuit, a stuffed character headpiece, non-slip booties, and padded wings that easily snap on and off for travel in a car seat. It is cozy and warm, with a three-dimensional, stuffed tail. Diaper changes are a breeze with the snap legs. The horned headpiece secures under the chin with hook 'n loop closures. The pull-on booties have non-slip soles, but are for indoor wear only. Definitely a fun costume.



This is the costume my middle granddaughter would have loved to wear, since she has always loved lamb dolls. The costumes includes a lined and zippered bodysuit with attached bow. The leg snap closures make diaper changes easy. The slip-on booties have skid resistant bottoms, but are not for outdoor use. Check the character hood to make sure it fits, as some people mentioned it was too small. Also, because it is lined, the costume may get too warm for indoor parties, but that makes it perfect for trick or treating!

Precious Poodle

Precious Poodle

Your adorable baby will flit from person to person, sharing puppy kisses in this sweet infant costume.

The costume includes a lined and zippered jumpsuit, hood with fun floppy ears, and slip-on skid resistant booties for indoor wear.

The jumpsuit features leg snaps for easy diaper access. The hood has a snap/Velcro closing.

Taking Babies to Parties

Extra Clothes or Costumes are a Must!

As a mother and a grandmother, I can tell you that it is lots of fun to take babies to parties and family get-togethers. It isn't so much fun when the gorgeous outfit or costume you have for your baby gets soiled with baby food, spit up, or other no-so-sweet-smelling substances.

Just as you need to take extra clothes in the diaper bag for emergencies, if you are attending a costume party, you need to take an extra costume or two. If you want to make sure no one knows when your baby has an accident, you can take two or three extras of the same costume your baby is wearing when you arrive.

Baby costumes shouldn't be
too scary, since small children
are easily frightened.

Or make it fun and take several different costumes, so that your baby can change as needed, and get lots of adorable photos for the family album. This also gives you a chance to have a selection of photographs to send to family who could not make the event.

Costumes make great baby portrait props, too. You could even have a series of portraits made with different costumes at different stages of growth.

Halloween Checklist

  • Order costumes early
  • Check fit as soon as it arrives
  • Air out costume a few days beforehand
  • Have fun!

What will your baby be wearing for Halloween?

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