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Charles Pogue: Songwriter

Charles Pogue
Photo: (c) Linda Pogue

Charles Pogue: Songwriter

Charles has been writing songs since long before I met him. We married in November 1975. One of the things that first intrigued me about him was his songwriting.

Many days after work, he would come over to my parents' house with his old Hummingbird guitar. He would play songs for us for hours, almost all of them songs he wrote.

Over the years, one of our favorite activities has been to sing together, both songs he wrote and his favorites, which of course always included the newest Don Williams songs.

At one point, early in our lives together, Charles contacted a song publisher in Austin. He was interested and accepted two of Charles songs, but nothing ever really came of it. Since then, Charles has continued to write songs, saving them all, but putting the very best of them into binders purchased specifically for them. At this point, he has written over 1,300 songs!

Not long ago, he decided he wanted to try again. After some research, we decided together (since I will have to do the computer part of it all) to put some of his work online to try to find an interested publisher.

This week, we started putting his songs on his new Charles' Country Songs YouTube channel. So far, I have two uploaded to YouTube, with more coming almost every day for a while. If you wish, you can follow the Charles' Country Songs Facebook Page. Every time I upload a new song to YouTube, I will post about it on Facebook.

We both hope you check out his channel. If you like old, traditional country & western music, you will likely enjoy his songs. He is not a professional musician, nor is he a professional singer. He is the first to admit and profess these facts, but he does love to sing.

Soon I will be posting his song, Sybil Anne, which is written about one of the characters in Charles' fiction book, For A Song.

The first two songs on YouTube are:

Please let him know what you think of his songs.
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