Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Zipper Binders for Home and Home Management

Zipping binders are not just for school. There are many uses for them in the home, as well. Crafters may use them to keep track of favorite crafting patterns or notes about crafting techniques. They are useful for keeping up with bills, too, with pockets for envelopes and stamps.

They are great for extreme couponing, since you can have everything you need right there with you in the store. Especially the Case-It binder with the removable 5 tab pocket folder.
I like to use my zipper binder to store everything for a specific project. It holds my blogging planner, printed calendar pages, a calculator, and all notes compiled for my writing.

The binder shown above includes a removable 5 tab file pocket, perfect for storing current bills. The binder has both a handle and shoulder strap to make it easy to carry, and comes in purple, blue, lavender, and red.
Organization Makes Life Easier!

My Coupon  Organization


 Zipping Binders

are great for keeping recipes, coupons,
and other household records and
documents safe, too!
They are not just for school!

More Ways to Stay Organized with Zipper Binder!


How to Make a Home Management Binder

The home management binder in the video below is not in a zippered binder. I think it would work better if it were, since nothing would go flying across the floor it is were dropped. As clumsy as I can be at times, I really need a binder that either locks or zips. This is a great idea, though!

Do you use zipper binders in your home?


    1. I use one of these binders when I am writing. It helps to have all the background information for my characters, maps, and plot outline where I can easily refer to them without having to open a new file on the computer.

      1. Hi, Lynn. Thanks for commenting. Zipper binders are good for a lot of organizational needs.