Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Top 10 Plus Dorm Room Comfort Items

Dorm Room Ideas

Because college dorm rooms are so small, and you will likely be sharing it with a roommate, you need to think of the items you need for dorm life while minimizing the space it will take. Remember to check any items you want to take against the list of items the college will not allow to make sure you do not inadvertently break the rules.

If you like tea, hot chocolate, hot cider, or instant cappuccino, an electric water kettle is a good idea. It can also be used to make instant soup or ramen noodles (I think most college students eat ramen noodles! I know I did!).

You may also need the items on this dorm checklist, if you have the room:

A small toaster oven: A small toaster oven or even a toaster will let you make toasted sandwiches.

A mini-fridge: Keep milk, yogurt, and sandwich makings handy for late night snacks when studying.

Collapsible or cloth laundry duffle: Whether you take your laundry to the campus Laundromat, the local Laundromat, or home for washing, you will need something to carry dirty and clean clothes in for transport. A collapsible hamper can slide under the bed, and a cloth laundry duffle fits easily into a drawer, slips beneath the bed mattress, or hangs in the closet.

Extra blanket: Polar fleece blankets are an excellent choice, since they are snuggly warm and easy to wash.

Read the Dorm Rules!

You don't want to spend limited college money
on something you won't be allowed to use!

Folding chairs or stools: If you have friends over, you will need somewhere for them to sit besides your bed or the floor.

Under the bed storage totes: Keep school supplies clean and handy in under the bed storage totes with lids.

Desk lamp: Dorm desks are often in dark corners of the room. To reduce eye strain, be sure to bring a desk lamp that actually works for lighting rather than for ambiance.

Extra sheets: Bedding will be on the list the college provides, but you will need at least one set of extra sheets to use when your sheets need to be changed.

Pillows: Your favorite sleeping pillow should go with you. Throw pillows are a good idea, too, since they can be used to support your back or a book when you are reading in bed.

Printer: While you can print in most school labs and libraries, some schools charge by the page. It really is annoying when you have to get up early to go to the lab or library to print out a paper you finish late the night before it is due. A small printer with inexpensive ink refills is a good idea--just be sure your roommate helps pay for the ink if you share it. A good choice is the Brother MFC-J870DW, since it also works as a copier and fax machine.

Pictures of your family and friends: Being away from home can be lonely, especially if it is for the first time. Having photos of your family can be a comfort to you. To save bedside table top and desk top room, get a collage picture frame that holds several photos and hang it on the wall.
These are just a few of the items you might need in your college dorm.

Top 10 Dorm Comfort Items


Can you think of other dorm comfort items?


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