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The Alaska Bush, Your Destination for High Adventure

Denali Alpine Lakes
There is something about Alaska that calls to me. Perhaps if I were born in another time I would grab my kids, hubby and pick axe and head for the Yukon! Even though, I'm a little late for the original gold rush, the wilds of Alaska, the Bering Sea and miles and miles of natural beauty are only a skip, hop and a jump away.

Many people long for high adventure and exotic travel, but much of the time Americans tend to look outside the United States for this kind of adventure, but you don't have to. Alaska's Bush country offers adventure, beauty, and solitude for travelers -- all without a passport.

Alaska is a land of rugged beauty, and pristine scenery. One of the most extreme destinations a traveler can experience in Alaska is The Bush.

The Bush is an area of Alaska that is far beyond the readily accessible areas of the state. It consists of the western half of the Alaskan mainland. It's inhabitants include mostly grizzlies, moose, wolves, and many more wild animals. There are only a handful of settlements, found in the Bush. (National Geographic Traveler: Alaska)

This part of Alaska is not for the casual traveler, it is for those who long for adventure, and rugged beauty. Most of the native people rely on hunting, fishing, and making crafts to survive, but there are a few commercial fisherman in the area.

Sunrise on the Dalton by Kelly from Austin

Since the Bush is so remote there are only a few ways to travel to this part of the state. Tourists that desire to travel by car must use the Dalton Highway. According to National Geographic Traveler, this road was built especially for the Arctic oil fields at Prudhoe Bay. Other ways to reach the Bush is by boat, or small plane. Of course, this route may be costly.

There are a few larger towns located in the Bush that have lodging, restaurants and grocery stores, as well as tour operators. But, the National Geographic Traveler states that many of the small towns don't have anything to offer but schools, or government buildings in which to sleep in, and even then travelers may have to sleep on the floor. Of course, destination Alaska, is for the exotic and determined traveler.

The National Geographic Traveler recommends that every tourist to the Bush should visit several destinations. These include: "Driving the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Ocean, a hike across some tundra above the Arctic Circle, kayaking through Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, learning about Eskimo life at Barrow's Inupiat Heritage Center, dipping a toe in the Arctic Ocean in Barrow, a drive around Nome's roads to take in the otherworldly aura of the Arctic tundra, hiking and camping on the sand dunes in Kobuck Valley National Park, and a salmon-fishing charter out of Dillingham" (National Geographic Traveler: Alaska)

With so many options for the adventurous traveler, there is no reason not to plan a trip to Alaska's Bush country. Breathtaking scenery, and high adventure await!


Bob Devine and Michael Melford, National Geographic Traveler, Alaska, 2009.

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