Thursday, August 27, 2015

Grandpa Wore Overalls

Grandpa Wore Overalls, Now I Do

 A Guest Post by Charles Pogue

Unless he was going someplace where propriety dictated, like a funeral or a wedding, my farmer grandpa always wore a red plaid flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and a pair of bib overalls.
The only thing I wondered more about than how many pair of overalls he had was, why were they his everyday dress?
I don’t have to wonder anymore since I recently started wearing them myself. I don’t know if Grandpa’s reasons for wearing them were the same as mine, but I just bet they weren’t much different.

I am wearing overalls for a more practical reason than just the fact that I am on a diet, even though I am. That’s a good reason to wear them, too, because, you see, as I shed the pounds they won’t fall to my knees like a pair of jeans would.

But, now for the serious reasons; to begin with, I started wearing overalls because they are so comfortable. There is no tight waistband to dig in to my stomach, not to mention the comfort is increased by the elimination for the need to wear a belt.

farmers in overalls
Photo: Dorothea Lange
I have taken to wearing overalls, because of the convenience and security they afford for carrying my wallet. I won’t be losing my billfold out of the zippered pocket, and it is easy to get to it, too. That’s not to mention, that it sure feels a lot better sitting on a smooth derriere than a wallet packed with hundred dollar bills (Do you really believe that?) and 47 receipts from the supermarket.

Hey, overalls are neat. I never have to worry about my shirttail coming un-tucked like from a pair of regular pants. It doesn’t matter if you are not rotund like me, and have a day long battle with the shirttail. Overalls make anyone a neat dresser.

kid wearing overalls
Photo: bluekdesign
Overalls are also very durable. There are three rows of heavy thread down each leg. The pockets and the top of them are double stitched. Even with a lot of washing, these things are made to last, and doubtless they will for years! Even kids like them!
But here is the most important reason for wearing overalls. They are economical. That is because they are no more expensive than a good pair of jeans or other work pants. In fact, they are less expensive than say a good pair of Wranglers, which can easily set you back nigh on to sixty dollars or more.

The overalls I wear are about thirty dollars. That’s one reason a fellow could have that big old stash of hundred dollar bills. Well, actually, I just have one lonely ten spot, but you get my drift.

A body can look good in overalls. Remember that perky little Cathy Baker from Hee-Haw who delivered the memorable line, “That’s all!” She looked pretty good in overalls, now didn’t she? I think I have a good hook line for advertising my new wardrobe fundamental. “Overalls, they aren’t just for farmers anymore!”

Do you ever wear bib overalls?

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  1. I wore bib overalls as a kid on a dairy farm. As an adult, I worked in construction and wore only jeans. When I retired, I bought a pair of bib overalls and immediately saw the benefits of wearing overalls for working in the yard, garden and shop. They are so comfortable to wear and with the fuller legs of the overalls, you are comfortable squatting working in the garden. I have since donated my jeans to Goodwill and purchased several more bib overalls which I wear most of the time, including going shopping at hardware store in town. Sure, they may look old fashioned to some, but I wear them for comfort and I not about to try to impress anyone with fashion.

    dlashe ove bibna