Thursday, July 2, 2015

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor: Roosters and Chickens

One of the most attractive kitchen themes, in my opinion, is the farmhouse roosters and chickens theme décor.

A huge variety of kitchen items, from cookie jars to curtains to bowls to dishware to cutting boards are available to fit this theme, making it easy to decorate to your hearts content.

My daughter's kitchen has lots of rooster decorations. When she moved into her house, we gave her kitchen curtains that prominently displayed roosters and sunflowers.

She is especially fond of her rooster cookie jar. This theme goes really well with her light yellow walls, but a kitchen painted in light green or beige would go just as well.

One of my favorite farmhouse kitchen decorator items is also useful. The Hand Sculpted Country Rooster Chicken Table Top Figure Fan at the top of this article is perfect for helping circulate air in the kitchen, keeping it cooler during baking time.

This Rooster Kitchen Metal Wall Art is a beautiful statement for doors, windows, or just on the wall!

What is your favorite kitchen décor theme?

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