Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Facts About Eggs

Eggs: Nutrition in a Small Package

Food prices have spiralled up out of control recently, with no sign of coming back down any time soon. While the price of eggs has climbed, too, they are a better buy than some proteins. Here are some important facts about eggs:

Facts about Eggs

Fresh eggs provide protein, 25% more vitamin E, 75% more beta carotene, and contain more vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids than store bought eggs. Backyard chicken eggs taste much better than stale store-bought eggs, which could be several weeks old, since they have firmer egg whites and bright orange yolks, and have lost none of their nutritional value due to air seeping through the pores of the eggshells.
Nutritional Facts per Serving (About 4 extra large eggs):
  • 24g fat (8g saturated fat)
  • 1028mg cholesterol
  • 240 mg sodium
  • total carbohydate 2g
  • protein 31g
  • Vitamin A 24%
  • Calcium 13%
  • Iron 25%
  • glycemic load 2
  • also supplies:
    • iboflavin
    • vitamin B12
    • phosphorus
    • selenium
For information about cooking and freezing eggs, see Egg Food Facts: How to Freeze Eggs and Cooking Tips.

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