Thursday, May 28, 2015

Oak Dining Table and Chairs Sets Remind Me of Grandma's House

Oak Dining Table and Chairs Sets

Oak dining table and chairs sets remind me of holiday dinners at grandma's house. Her old oak table was one of the round ones. That is, it was until the two extra leafs were put in, then it became a large oval. Hers was the old pedestal type with bear claw feet; it must have been a hundred years old when I was knee high to a jackrabbit. For holiday dinners, there were a bunch of adults sitting around that old table, leaving only a couple of empty spaces for the oldest of the grandchildren.

It was a big day when you became one of the older ones, could sit with the adults, listen to their conversations, and maybe once in a while put in a word or two yourself. Of course, you didn't expect what you said to carry as much weight as what the adults said, nor did you get to sit in one of the eight matching chairs, but still it was an honor just to be there and participate.

More Than Just for Eating

That old dinner table wasn't just for eating around. Almost every Friday night I, with my parents and siblings, gathered around that old table for a few games of dominoes or occasionally, when we got started early enough, a game of Monopoly. Like I suggested earlier, that old oak dining table was surrounded by eight matching chairs. Real fashionable were they? No, but they were real old and stout as the wind in the first week of April.

When both of my grandparents passed away, the old table and chairs were left there, until suddenly one day they just disappeared. We never knew what happened to them, but if I ever come across a dark old oak dining table with eight matching chairs they will be something that I would like to purchase. Barring that, one of the new oak dining tables would be alright too.

A Variety of Oak Dining Table Sizes

Not all oak dining tables are round, and not all of them are the pedestal types. Not all oak tables are dining tables, either. There are rectangle dining tables, and drop leaf oak tables. But hey, I'm not alone in one thing, I am partial to oak! Oak is one of the most durable of woods, and by choosing the right design and coordinating with a light or dark stained table, a nice oak table with fit in with just about any d├ęcor.

Do you prefer oak, maple, cherry, or other wood for your dining room furniture?

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