Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do You Blog? Do You Use PLR?

What is PLR? PLR stands for private label rights. Much like stores have generic products with their own labels on them, PLR articles are topical general articles that you can re-write. You can even put your own name on them, but if it bothers you, you can always post the article as an anonymous post.

Do you use PLR for your blog? I don't mean copy and paste something you purchase into your blog. I mean using it the correct way.

PLR should not be copied and pasted into your blog--ever! The correct way to use PLR is to use it as the foundation for an article that you re-write.

There are some who will put a PLR article into spinner software and get tons of "new" articles out of one, but most of the time, these are barely readable. Re-writing it yourself is a much better idea.

Why do you need PLR? If you have more than one blog, sometimes you will need help getting enough content to publish. PLR can be that help.

Suppose you purchase a PLR pack on a product type. You would take one of the articles, add information to it, put yourself in the article and then use it.

NEVER, never tell a lie in your re-written article. If you haven't used a product or technique, don't say you did. Instead, write about why you think you would like to use it. Or, do some online research and quote some of the people who have reviewed it. Be sure to link to the quotes to give attribution.

PLR is only to be used as a base for your article. Basically, it is using someone else's research to write your own article.

One last comment: PLR is not for academic essays! Never turn in an academic paper with PLR in it. Instructors know how to find out and will grade accordingly!

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