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10 Most Popular Posts Week Ending 12-19-2015

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10 Most Popular Posts Week Ending 12-19-2015

It's time to post the top 10 most popular blog posts for the week.

This week, three of the top ten were in the tech area, OneDrive for Bloggers, Using Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive, and Word Tips and Tricks: Aligning Images. Other topics that made the top 10 included crafting and sewing articles, baby clothes, and food.
Again, this week, one of the top 10 posts was a previous top 10 post, this one from the week ending 12-5-2015.

10 Most Popular Posts in Order of Popularity

  1. OneDrive for Bloggers: Free Business Software for Bloggers Beginning a blog, for most people (I think), is a balancing act of having the right technical resources and financing. Too often, bloggers, even those who have been blogging for a while, just don’t have the funds to purchase all the computer applications that would be so helpful to their efforts.
  2. Using Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive by Susan Elliott: Linda recently wrote a blog post about using the free Microsoft OneDrive program. If you can't get your hands on Office 365, I would whole-heartedly recommend using the free OneDrive program, but I am a huge fan of the Office 365 program.  I enjoy its features like Microsoft Word, the ability to add plug-ins in Word, and the ability to use the documents I created in other  Microsoft programs from OneDrive.
  3. Elegant Hand-Made Table Decorations by Susan Elliott: I absolutely love the holidays and I love to decorate. But, as much as I love these things I love to make my own decorations for the holidays even more. This year I had a few helpers. Thankfully my daughters and my husband pitched in, because I not only made my table decorations, I made the decorations for our holiday banquet at church.
  4. Sewing Dresses for Baby Girls and Toddlers Sometimes, sewing for baby girls is hard, because you may not find patterns that fit right. Babies can be so tiny that even doll clothes can be too small, especially preemie babies, but at least you have the option of having something your baby can wear when you sew clothes for her.
  5. Mom's Coconut Pie Recipe As far back as I can remember, my family has enjoyed Mom's Coconut Pie at Christmas dinner.  All our visitors and guests look forward to the pies. Whether there are two or four pies makes no difference--they all disappear!
  6. Fancy Frilly Newborn Baby Girl Dresses Newborn baby girl dresses and clothes are so cute! When we first learned we were having a baby girl (years ago), my husband insisted that he be the one to give her her first dress. The dress he got her was a fancy, frilly pink dress with ruffles and an adorable white pinafore. The pinafore bib was embroidered with cute pink, yellow, and blue flowers
  7. What is the Glycemic Index (GI)? by Susan Elliott: According to Dr. Maria Collazo Clavell of the Mayo Clinic, the glycemic index (GI) is a guide that lists foods based on the effect that they have on the blood sugar level. Foods with a low glycemic index do not raise the blood sugar dramatically, while foods with a higher GI raise the blood sugar higher and at a faster rate. Foods that have a low glycemic index also have the added benefit of leaving a person feeling much more satisfied after meals.
  8. Word Tips and Tricks: Aligning Images in Microsoft Word Recently, someone asked me how to do a simple technique in Microsoft Word. She knew I have taught Microsoft Office college courses since August of 2004. When I explained how to do the steps to get the results she wanted, she recommended that I occasionally add a post on this blog on how to do a technique in Word. So, for a while, I will be adding Word tips and tricks, as well as tips for using the other Microsoft Office applications at least once a week.
  9. Make One-of-a-kind Barbie Clothes Little girls who love to play with Barbie dolls also love to have lots of clothes for their dolls. It takes a little time, but doesn't require a lot of fabric to make Barbie clothes using Fashion Doll Clothes for 11-1/2" Doll patterns. In fact, most of these clothes can be made of fabric scraps or remnants.
  10. 10 Most Popular Posts Week Ending 12-5-2015 Starting this week, every Saturday, I will have a page for the 10 most popular posts for the previous week. I realize we are all busy, and some people just don't have time to read several times a week. This post will let those readers easily find the most popular articles and just read those, if they so choose.
Thank you for reading! 

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