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Word Tips and Tricks: Aligning Images in Microsoft Word

Two different sized images aligned to Middle in Microsoft Word.

How to Align Images in Microsoft Word

Recently, someone asked me how to do a simple technique in Microsoft Word. She knew I have taught Microsoft Office college courses since August of 2004. When I explained how to do the steps to get the results she wanted, she recommended that I occasionally add a post on this blog on how to do a technique in Word. So, for a while, I will be adding Word tips and tricks, as well as tips for using the other Microsoft Office applications at least once a week.
If you have a specific Microsoft Office question, be sure to let me know using the comments section at the bottom of this post. I will be happy to write a how-to article to answer your question. 

Before Aligning Images, Set the Wrap Text Property 

If you create flyers, brochures, or bulletins in Microsoft Word, occasionally you may need to align two or more images on a single line.

Before photographs, clipart, text boxes or inserted shapes in Microsoft Word are aligned, they must have the Wrap Text property set. With the default Wrap Text property, you cannot select more than one image at a time, nor can you drag an image to a new location, both of which are requirements of aligning two or more graphical items.


Setting the Wrap Text Property for Images

  • With an image selected, on the Picture Tools Format tab Arrange Group, click the Wrap Text button.
  • Select Behind Text.

Make sure text is not on the same line as your image, or it will be on top of the image. To move text down, put your pointer at the beginning of the text line and press Enter until the text is located where you want it.

Use the same method to set the Wrap Text property of all images to Behind Text.
On the same Photo Tools Format tab, you will find the Size tool. This will let you size the two images to the same size, if you do not want them to be different sizes, as in the images on this post.
Microsoft Office 2016 is Coming Soon!
Select the alignment option you prefer. Here we are using Align Middle,
but I recommend you play with the other commands to see
what they can do for the images in your document.

Aligning Graphics in Word 2013 or Word 2016

With one image selected, hold down the CTRL button and click each additional image in turn
  • On the Picture Tools Format tab Arrange Group, click the Align button, and then click Align Selected Objects.
  • Click the Align button and click the desired alignment option. For each option you want to use, you will have to click the Align button again to access the menu. 

Aligning Graphics in Office 365 Word Online

Word Online does not allow more than one image to be selected at once. To complete the alignment, click Open in Word. If necessary, provide login in credentials to open the document in the desktop Word 2013 or Word 2016. Follow the instructions above to complete the image alignment.  

If side-by-side images or images are set to Align Center, the images will be centered, one on top of the other. If necessary, use the Undo button in the top left corner of the Word screen to undo the alignment and try again.  

Microsoft Office comes in several versions. Select the one that best fits your needs.

Do you use Microsoft Word or other Microsoft Office applications? Do you have a question on how to do something using one of these applications? Let me know in the comment section!


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