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Fancy White Bridal Wedding Day Shoes to Match Your Dress

bridal wedding shoes

Bridal Shoes to Match Your Wedding Dress

I remember when searching for the white bridal wedding shoes to match my wedding gown, we searched shoe stores all over Austin, TX. We finally found them in Gold's Department Store in Georgetown, TX.

When my daughter was looking for her shoes for her wedding, we shopped many different stores in Memphis, TN, before locating the shoes she wanted.

With my experience, and her shopping experience, I learned that there are some things to keep in mind when buying shoes for your wedding.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Wedding Shoes

When purchasing fancy ivory or white bridal shoes for your wedding day, there are several things to keep in mind. First, the shade of white must match the white of the wedding gown.

The style, too, needs to match the gown. Is the gown beaded and sequined? The shoes should also be beaded and sequined. While style and shade matching is important, perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that you will be standing on your feet for hours wearing the bridal shoes.

If you are comfortable wearing and standing in stilletto heels for hours, you will have no problem. Most of us, however, are not able to spend that much time in these types of heels. If you simply must have the stillettos, consider having a pair of cute, but comfortable, wedge heels, slippers, or even wedding flip flops to wear to the reception.

Take care when choosing your shoes. 
You will be wearing them for hours!

How to Dye Shoes to Match Your Wedding Gown



 Other Considerations for Buying Wedding Shoes

The dress should be hemmed while wearing the shoes you select, so that you will not be stepping on it.

This can be disastrous, especially if you have a low cut gown and have to climb stairs. More than one blushing bride had to pull up the bodice of her gown after stepping on the hem. That's one reason my wedding gown had a mandarin collar on it. No chance of a gown malfunction!

If you are ordering your shoes online, be sure to order early. You will need the check the fit and make sure they match the color of your dress.

Order your shoes early
so you can be sure the fit is right!


Can't Find the Shoes You Want? DIY Wedding Shoe Embellishments

If you just can't find the shoes you want, you might decide to embellish some plain white satin shoes for your wedding. Satin fabric or ribbon bows, rhinestones, glitter, or beads are all options. The following video will show some techniques to use to jumpstart your imagination:

DIY Wedding Shoe Embellishments

So Much to Do!

  • Choose wedding colors
  • Order flowers
  • Order cake
  • Order invitations
  • Shop for gown
  • Shop for shoes
  • Shop for veil
  • Choose bride's maids and maid of honor dresses
  • Schedule venue

White Wedding Pumps

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