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Hot Cinnamon Cider Recipe

Photo: George Hodan

Hot Cinnamon Cider Recipe

When my kids were very small, Aunt Nancy used to have us over during the holidays. It never failed that there would be a clear glass coffee pot on the stove with hot cinnamon cider waiting for us.

When cooked in a glass percolator, it is fascinating to watch it cook, with the beautiful red from the Red Hots disseminating into the apple cider.

A few years ago, I started making hot cinnamon cider for my kids and grandkids at holiday times. They loved it, too. I know they are disappointed if we don't have it.

Here is Aunt Nancy's recipe for hot cinnamon cider:

Red Hots

Hot Cinnamon Cider Recipe

  • 8 cups of apple cider
  • ¼ to ½ cup of Red Hots cinnamon imperials, to taste

Put apple cider into a clear, glass coffee percolator. Pour the cinnamon candies into the coffee basket. Perk the apple cider until all the cinnamon candies have dissolved into the cider.

This makes a beautiful drink that smells as wonderful as it tastes. My grown children and my grandchildren would drink gallons of it, if we had it!

Fresh Pressed Apple Cider
As the cider perks, the aromatic fragrance of cinnamon apples fills the entire house. Children and adults alike enjoy watching this beverage percolate almost as much as they enjoy drinking it! However, if you don't have a glass percolator, you can still make it.

To make in a pan, use the ingredients above. Place the cider and Red Hots in a 3 quart pan. Simmer the cider, stirring frequently, until all the Red Hots have dissolved. Lower the heat to warm, and let sit until ready to serve.

This recipe is especially great for the holidays.

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