Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fun Princess Castle Beds for Your Little Princess

Princess Castle Twin Sized Bunk Bed With Slide

Princess Castle Beds

My daughter would have absolutely adored having any of these fun princess loft beds.

Unfortunately, if they were available then, I didn't know it.

The closest thing she had was a bed tent that sat up on top of the mattress of her twin bed. She loved that, but these would have been so much more delightful!

A princess loft bed not only gives her a fun, imaginative place to have sweet dreams, it gives her a place to play, too. With the built-in ladder and slide, she will happily spend hours exercising without even knowing that she is.

All she needs is a princess dress to make her feel like she is in a magical kingdom!

When I was a child, even bed tents were unheard of. Instead, we would drape sheets over the four poster bed and pretend. Or we would drape sheets or blankets over the dining table and play beneath.

Children's furniture such as this bed, however, would have been even more fun!

Loft castle beds are not only beds,
they are play areas where your
child can get lots of vital exercise!

Princess Play Clothes

Princess Play Clothes
When I was a little girl, one of my favorite playtime activities was to play princess with my sister.

My grandmother bought used satin gowns at a local sale, and we used them to make our very own princess dresses.

My dress was purple, my sisters dress was pink. We had so much fun swishing (satin makes a swishing sound when you move) through the house.

We played in them so often, they became soiled. As children, we did not know that satin, at least the satin that our dresses were made from, would not hold its color when washed. Since we did not at the time have a washing machine, we put our dresses in the bathtub with lots of hot water and some laundry soap.

My dress came out light blue, and her dress came out a pale lavender in color. At first we were disappointed, but then we decided it was like having all new dresses. We played in them until we outgrew them!

If you don't want to purchase princess costumes for your child to play in, you might consider doing the same. Garage sales, yard sales, and second hand stores sometimes have good bargain prices for used prom or wedding dresses. It takes a bit of time to rework them to fit, but you could always get a long silk or satin scarf and use it for a belt to make it fit better. That provides the option to play in it for longer, since it won't be outgrown so soon.

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Little Princesses Grow Up Too Soon!

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