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Copper Kitchen Cookware, Appliances, and Accessories

Copper Canister Set

Copper in the Kitchen

Copper appliances, accessories, and copper cookware in the kitchen radiate beauty and warmth with a distinctive, rich, earthy feel.

The burnished glow of copper radiates beauty and warmth throughout the kitchen, making the kitchen inviting and comfortable. 

Copper cookware is prized by professional cooks and chefs for its even heat distribution and conductivity. Much of the copper cookware available has a lacquer finish to make it shine. Before use, this should be removed. With the proper care, copper cookware will last a lifetime.

Though it should be polished regularly to maintain its brilliant sheen, polishing copper is easy. Just dip half a lemon in salt and gently rub the copper surface!

Copper gives a kitchen
atmosphere a rich, earthy feel!

professional copper cookware
Professional Cookware Set

When using copper cookware, don't use metal utencils. These can scratch and damage the cooking surface.

Cooking at too high a temperature can also discolor or damage the cookware. When washing your copper pots and pans, wash with a mild dish soap. Never use metal scrubber with your copper pans, but instead use a soft nylon scrubber.

After using your cookware for a while, be sure to start inspecting the inside surface your copper cookware regularly. If the inside layer of steel or tin is damaged, and you can see the copper through the bottom, it is no longer safe to cook food in the pot.

Polishing Copper is Easy!
Dip half a lemon in salt and
gently rub the copper surface!

Small Appliances Come in Copper, Too!

There is a wide variety of small kitchen appliances in copper. As with using any color or metalic in kitchen decor, you will have to match carefully to maintain a consistent copper sheen to your appliances.

Some companies are aware of this, and offer different shades of copper, such as the KitchenAid stand mixer, which comes in antique copper, copper pearl, and satin copper.

How to Clean Copper Cookware

Copper cookware heats quickly and
evenly, and will also cool quickly.

How to Cook with Copper Pots

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