Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Copper in My Grandmother's Kitchen

decorative copper mold
Photo: Petey21

My Grandmother's Copper Molds

My maternal grandmother loved copper decorations in her kitchen, including lots of copper molds like the one pictured here. They were her pride and joy. So much so, that we were never allowed to use them. I think she had a copper mold exactly like the one at left, but I am not sure.

She did not have molds like the others below, but she would have loved them.

Old Dutch
Solid Heart Rose
Copper Baking Mold

I remember having fun helping her polish them to a bright sheen.

Some might have thought it was work, and to some extent, I suppose it was, but what I remember most about those times was the conversations we had.

She told wonderful stories about her childhood, her brothers and sisters, whom she loved very much but never got to see.

Stories such as the time one of her brothers almost fell into a well and she barely rescued him, or the evening she had to get home, foolishly tried to walk through a raging stream, and nearly drowned.

After hearing that one, I was acutely aware how fragile life is. Had she not been able to rescue herself by clutching a hanging tree branch to pull herself out, I would not be here.

Copper Molds for Gelatin Desserts and Salads

Handmade Solid
Copper Mold,
in Wheat
Copper molds such as this wheat mold are great for making gelatin type desserts or savory gelatin salad dishes.

They are also good for baking breads and cakes.

The copper surface is not lacquered, so it will develop a rich patina over time.

Great for a country kitchen!

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