Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Womens Renaissance Clothing and Costumes

Lace-Up Costume Gown

Do you love wearing women's renaissance clothing or going to a renaissance fair?

A renaissance dress has several things going for it.

One, the styles are attractive on almost everyone, regardless of body type or size.

Two, they are just fun. Admit it. Didn't you dream of being Cinderella or Queen Guinevere when you were little? I know I did.

For some, this reason will seem a bit silly, but the length of the skirts means your legs stay warmer if the weather turns off cold. This is especially important if you are taking kiddos around trick or treating on a chilly Halloween night.

If you ever wanted to be a princess, a queen, or a lady in waiting, consider wearing a renaissance or medieval gown this year.

And these costumes are great for wearing to renaissance fairs!

Don't Forget

  • Shoes
  • Chemise or slip
  • Stockings (tights work well)
  • Shoes

DIY Renaissance Gowns: Gown Patterns

Butterick B4571 Costume

You can make your own costume, too. Several years ago, I used an old dark blue velvet bedspread to make a costume for my daughter to wear. It was basically a short-sleeved, floor-length peasant dress with a wide lace-up velvet belt. It was stunning on her. It was warm enough that she did not get cold, even on a blustery autumn night working concession stand at the Fall Festival.

Old bedspreads can often be purchased at a good price at yard sales and garage sales. One full-size bedspread is plenty big enough to make the dress and have leftover fabric for a head-piece or a wide belt.

Create your own one-of-a-kind gown using a pattern and the fabric of your choice. When you make your own, you guarantee that no one else will be wearing the exact same gown to the fair or costume party!

There are so many renaissance and medieval gowns to choose from:


Do you enjoy dressing in renaissance gowns?

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