Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Original Big Wheel Trike

The Original Big Wheels Riding Toy
The Original Big Wheel

The Original Big Wheels Riding Toy

Many adults had the fantastic Original Big Wheels trikes for kids when they were youngsters. And, many of those same adults want their kids to have the same fun they did when they were little.

The Big Wheels trikeswere originally marketed in the 1960's, which means my brother had one. They were again marketed in the late 1970's, which means my son had one, too.

I remember them both being involved in trike races, even though there was almost a twenty year difference in the times those races took place. My son once told me, "A Big Wheel is more fun than we should be allowed to have!"

Because of the low center of gravity on these trikes, there were seldom turn-overs or spills. It was one of the safest riding toys ever.

The Big Wheel has been popular with generations of kids, and has been a favorite of toy of every child that rode them. The best feature was the movable seat--this allowed several kids to ride the same trike, even though they were different sizes, and allowed the trike to grow with the child.

A Big Wheel is more fun than
anyone should be allowed to have!

Big Wheel TV Commercial 1975

In 2009, the Big Wheel was inducted
into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Big Wheels for Girls

The Original Princess Big Wheel
Girls are not left out of this fun nostalgic toy.

The pink and lavender Big Wheel version is perfect for your 3 to 8 year old princess (weight limit 70 lbs.).

She will be riding and having a great time.

When she outgrows the first setting, simply move the seat back!

Did you have a Big Wheels or a trike when you were small? Your kids would love it just as much as you did!

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